Packing up again and into the city

We had quite a load to pack up this morning.
It was done care to make room for a passenger in the very back seat.
We said our farewells to Ed & Jan and bumped over the gravel road to the gate.
By the time we got there Azzan was getting submerged.

So we did a quick resort and Azzan & Brooke changed paces.
At least if stuff fell on her she wouldn’t get buried so easily!

As we were driving towards Christchurch Nathan was being rather cheeky.
He is very quick witted and he and Brooke were sparring in the back.
Now she is not officially his teacher anymore he calls her ‘Woman!’
I was having him on as to why he wanted to come with us as he normally would opt to stay at home with Dad.
I said I reckoned he only wanted to come on holiday so he didn’t have to stay back and grub weeds with Dad & Anson.
‘Too right’, he said.
‘It would’ve been total torture having to work with Attila the Hun and Ming the Merciless’!!!! 

As we neared Amberley we got slowed by road works and whilest sitting chatting he mentioned he would quite like to go stay with Bri. So I text her and we took a deviation to our planned route and dropped him off at the Wenborn’s.
It was a good stop as we were also able to drop off Damaris & David’s engagement present.
So that stop meant a LOT more room in the Safari for the rest of us
It was nice to see Bri too but we didn’t dally as we had a lunch engagement.

We then called Ross & Lenore and arranged to meet them where they were having lunch in the city.
When we got there I thought we would have to go a few blocks away to get a park but as we drove by the Oxford on Avon Max spottd a park right at the front door!
What a blessing that was as we were quite late for lunch.
Got inside and discovered it was Omar’s graduation celebration and Cyrus was also there.
So that meant the last engagement present could be off loaded.
We had an enjoyable time there with them all and were also able to watch the boats punting up and down the river.

We then wandered down the street to Starbucks for dessert.
The lady serving us took a fancy to the children and gave them stickers and foreign money from the donation box.
Azzan thought he was in heaven.

We then drove across town to Mokka and caught up with the rest of the Wenborn whanau – nice to see most of them there en masse – we didn’t expect that so it was a bonus.
Then we fought our way through the traffic to find Kathmandu cuz there was a big sale on and I wanted to get a sleeping bag.
Ended up getting two at 60% off – one each for Nathan & Seb – they need the l-o-n-g bags so I am going to buy Nathan’s old shorter one off him and he can have the new longer model.
Then we found Hunting & Fishing so Brooke could shop for her young cousin.
Then it was into the nearly 5pm traffic and out of town to Alvin & Vonnie’s where we are staying for the next few nights.
On the way stopping to pick up groceries.
Azzan did not want to get out of the car so Brooke sat with him and read stories.

We have had a lovely leisurely evening and dinner.
It is now way past my bed time but I wanted to get this all caught up now while I had the peace and quiet and internet connection.

2 thoughts on “Packing up again and into the city

  1. Darling photo…I can relate to those crowded trips in the car!  : )Sounds like a fun and relaxing time….God be with you and keep you all safe and sound.Blessings!    ~Amelia

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