Travelling southwards

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early and the Safari was loaded to the gunnels.
We went into the city to drop off some of the presents and fuel up.
Last week I had opened the mail bag and out came a child-wrapped present – all scrunchy with lots of sellotape and a big white label that read very simply ‘Sophie‘.
Mahalia had sent it out in the mail bag the previous Friday.
Gorgeous child hadn’t thought that maybe the mailman might need an address and some postage to actually get it to her wee friend!
So we delivered it in person along with her big sister’s engagement present.

We met up with Clark & Nathan at Matthew’s place.
He had kindly offered to take Clark to play golf with him.
It was sad to finally have to say good-bye but it was a beautiful day and we all had places to go and things to do.
In the hour that we had been gone Phil & Clark had jacked up a fishing trip for the weekend so Clark was pretty rapt about that.
So it was good to leave him smiling

We did some quick grocery shopping and then headed over the hill to drop some stuff off at Phillipa’s.
The children enjoyed a brief sojourn there while we had our lunch.
They had two new kittens.

They were also having a heap of fun leaping off the trampoline onto a pile of mattresses.
Here is a kid sandwich!!

We were having such a lovely time there but reluctantly drove off around 2:30pm cuz we still had about 4 hours driving ahead of us.

We stopped briefly at Murchison and said gidday to Ruairidh.
He is wwoofing there so he can do some kayaking courses.
Azzan was sleeping so I didn’t want to turn off the engine, so we chatted for a few minutes and then carried on.

We stopped a bit later at the Maruia Falls.
It was so pretty there we had to wander down to the river.

Finally a photo of Brooke and me together.

A blissful place for children to play.
Azzan started gathering rocks like he does where ever he goes, but I had to tell him only one small one cuz we just didn’t have room.

We then hit the road and carried on non stop till we got to Culverden at 6pm.
Max had been waiting there for 2 hours.
It was a lovely sunny day so he was relaxing in the park with his ukelele and book.

We loaded him in – it was getting quite a squash by this time but we didn’t have much further to go.
We finally found Ed & Jan’s place.
They welcomed us all and we unloaded and sat out on the deck and chatted before dinner.

Ed found a bike for Mahalia and Brooke spent a wee while helping her to learn to ride.
All of a sudden she was away.
She was amazing.
All these years and she just would not even try and here she was just going for it.
We were gobsmacked!

Here she is giving Ed a race back to the house.
She won!

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