A socialising sorta day

We set out on Saturday morning for Dress Mart.
I haven’t been there in years.
It certainly has grown!.
We could’ve spent days and heaps of money there
I only wanted to see if Max had anything worth looking at cuz I have this rather large voucher to use there.
Nothing I liked fitted – actually this time the pants were all too big and they never had my size, so in a way that’s gotta be good
Brooke found a real good deal on a jacket so she was able to whittle back the voucher by a few dollars – great

Then we headed off westwards to find our friends Bruce & Kathy who have just recently moved back to NZ from Minnesota.
They and their family are working on a dairy farm near Kirwee.

On the way we went past this road sign.

Brooke was fascinated to see it so I had to back up to grab a pic.
I am guessing it is around this area that Tim’s grandmother’s family came from.
Her surname was ‘Anson’ – that is who our Anson is named after.

We got there just in time for the children to go help bring in the 500 cows for the afternoon milking.

Mahalia has been asking me for ages now if she can see how a dairy farm works so here was the golden opportunity.
So off they went with Kristie on the 4 wheeler to bring in the cows.
Then after lunch Bruce had to go down to the shed to begin the milking so he took Brooke & Max.
I stayed back and chatted with Kathy.

Then all too soon it was 3pm and we needed to keep moving.
We packed up and Kathy loaded Daniel, Luke & Kristie into her wagon and we zoomed off further to the west and spent the rest of the day with Emma, Wayne & family near Oxford.

The children had a wonderful time.
They all dressed up as robbers and were running around like total mad things, expending a heap of energy.
My kids love it there cuz they have a mountain of dressing up clothes.

Mahalia soon found the bikes and she and the girls were zooming about.
She has become very proficient very quickly – maybe this might side track her from her horse

I took my computer with me to show Emma our wedding photos – so she was delighted to see them all.
It didn’t take the day very long before the clock was showing 7pm.
So we dragged the troops apart and headed off back to Christchurch.

We were all tired and I couldn’t face thinking of what to cook for dinner so we drove straight into the city and found Spagalimis. It is a great pizza place – been there for years. It was also the time of the ‘save the world’ turn off the lights for an hour thing – so by the time we got there it was all sorta darkish and we ate by candle light.

Graham came by and chatted with us while we ate.
It was good to catch up with him.

We then headed back here and crashed out.
I sat up and watched a movie while waiting for Vonnie to get home.
It was really good.
Must look out for more of Jon Cusack’s movies.
Enjoyed it immensely.




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