Sunday pt 1

We had a very laid back morning.
Vonnie had to go to work by 8am and Alvin arrived back from his bowling tournament at 10am.
Brooke & Max went for a walk to get some groceries and a coffee.
The children played and I pottered.

When B&M got back from their walk the kids reminded them very quickly of the promised trip to the playground.
So they went and got rid of some energy down there for half an hour while I caught up with Alvin’s news.

When they finally returned we loaded up and headed into the city to meet up with Bri & Nathan.

We left Brooke & Max at the internet cafe and we wandered off down to the Art Gallery and then to the Arts Centre.
It was a beautiful day so rather pleasant to just wander for a while.
But Bri was busting to get to the beach.
So we cruised off back to the vehicles and she loaded Nate, Hali, Brooke & Max on board and headed off to Taylor’s Mistake.

Azzan and I walked back to the Arts Centre.
It was nice to have time to just browse.
Azzan found a stall which was painting nails with a computerised lazer printer thing.
So he had two nails done and then I decided to have all of mine done just for fun.

By then we were both very hungry so went to The Dux de Lux and ordered some lunch.
It took forever to come.
Sarah came down to join us so we chatted as we ate and then he walked back to the parking building with us.

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