A shopping day

Today we popped around the corner to visit Neroli.
The children enjoyed playing with toys and trying on the girls cast off shoes, most pairs which have found their way into the Safari to go home for dress-ups!!

Then we picked up my cousin Sue and we went to Riccarton Mall for lunch.
As we came down the escalator we found this character entertaining the passersby.
Azzan and he got along famously.

He made Azzan a white balloon sword and Mahalia a balloon posy.

Azzan ended up with his hat and then after the clown showed off some tumbles and cartwheels
Azzan did a real good handstand too – impressing his new friend

We had lunch at the foodcourt and then drove off to Hornby Mall.
Mahalia found some cool clothes for her doll and we found some amazing bargains for the children at Postie’s sale.

We came back to Tower Junction and browsed a few shops and then went to find Max & Brooke.
We then dropped Sue off, got some food for dinner and came home.
It was a long day and we were weary.

Max made a very yummy meal of salad and eggs.
It was really good after eating out all day.

Brooke read the children and then she and Max repacked and sorted all their gear.

Tonight has just been a nice chilling evening with Vonnie and Alvin

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