Another town day.

I decided on rising this morning that we would go out for breakfast.
So got the troops packed up, called Christine and invited her to join us.
We crept along Lincoln Road amongst the rush hour traffic into the city to meet Bri & Nathan at 9am.
They were a tad late so Bri was running for class.
We took Nathan and his gear, drove into the city centre, found a park and walked to Drexels.
We enjoyed our delicious breakfasts over a lot of hilarity – Christine arrived and there were funny stories flying around the table in between little folk having to go to the bathroom – why do we always put them at the back of the booth so we all have to move out every time they need to go?
Christine took this pic of us all outside the restaurant before we parted company.
We were all totally replete

I then dropped Max & Brooke off at the museum with the two wee ones.
Brooke has just sent me these photos so I am updating this entry to fit them in.

The famous Paua House from Invercargill has been moved to the museum.
They were very delighted to see all the pretty paua shells and trinkets.

Nathan and I zipped out to Kaiapoi to pick up a book.
Then back across town to Tower Junction to sort out a problem with my Postie loyalty card.
Nathan was needing some new jeans so we were both delighted to find some that were long enough, fitted well and were on a 30% reduction.

From there we headed over to Kilmore St to have a cuppa with my niece Maria.
It was lovely to see her and her flat.
The others had been to the Arts Centre for hot chocolate which Mahalia had managed to spread all through her hair and over her top!
They were very impressed with the decorations on the top of their drinks.

They met us there and there we debated and discussed as to the difference between a flat and appartment, among other topics!

The children enjoyed seeing Maria again.

Azzan was totally fascinated with her beautiful naturally curly red hair so there was a long discussion with her about it and also about piercings and tatooes etc.
He seems to have a fixation at the moment.
His constant question is ‘When can I get my nose pierced?’

I think he is learning to get a rise out of his mother at a very early age

We had to leave soon after 2pm cuz my parking meter was expiring and I had also arranged to pick up Madeline from school at 3pm so she and Mahalia could have a couple of hours together.
Brooke & Max loaded up with all their gear and headed off into the sunset.
We had to finally say au revoir.

That is way better than saying goodbye cuz it means
‘to the seeing again.’

And I am sure we will be seeing them again.
Mahalia couldn’t quite get a handle on the fact that we wouldn’t be seeing them again in the near future.
She was sad
So were we all

We picked up Madeline and went to Northlands Mall.
I got them all an ice cream or smoothie.
It was nice to sit down still for a while.
I was rather weary.
All this city driving to and fro is rather taxing.

Dropped Madeline back after 5, said hi to Louisa and then headed back to have dinner with Vonnie.
Our route took us past Starbucks at Riccarton Mall so Nathan kindly zipped in to get me a pick me up.
Sweet lad

Nathan helped cook dinner – it is so good to have simple fresh salads.
Very refreshing.
Then we watched Coronation St with Vonnie.
First time I have seen it in centuries!!

Last night here so we will be packing up in the morning to begin our journey northwards.

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