Blood, guts and gore…..

Tim did a spot of shearing yesterday.
Shore two sheep.
The sheep looked like this…

and within a very short space of time they looked like this.

This is what we had for dinner last night

This is the possum hunting team with their one and only possum for the night.
Mean lookin’ bunch aren’t they??

In case you did not already assume this – the photos are from the cameras of the Shannarazzi and the Annarazzi!

2 thoughts on “Blood, guts and gore…..

  1. My dad was foreman of a local ranch when I was very young.  I remember ONE shearing.  They used some kind of sling / swing thing to hold the sheep… and stuffed the wool into large, hanging canvas bags.Never been possum hunting.  I don’t THINK we have them here in MT… I did see a few when we lived in CA…  They’re a lot bigger than as a child I supposed them to be.Again, thanks to Shanni for her camera!

  2. @KirbysWyfe - You have opossum’s in America. We have possum’s over here. They are native to Australia and some idiot introduced them to NZ and they LOVE our climate and are dastardly creatures – destroy the bush and native birds. Here is an interesting paper about the technicalities of the name!According to my computer dictionary they are as follows.possum |ˈpäsəm|noun1 informal an opossum.2 a tree-dwelling Australasian marsupial that typically has a prehensile tail. • Four families, esp. Petauridae: many species, including the ringtails.opossum |(ə)ˈpäsəm|nounan American marsupial that has a ratlike prehensile tail and hind feet with an opposable thumb.• FamilyDidelphidae: several genera and numerous species, in particular the cat-sized common opossum ( Didelphis marsupialis) of North, Central, and South America, which in North America was formerly known as the Virginia opossum and was considered a distinct species ( D. virginiana).ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Virginia Algonquian opassom, fromop ‘white’ + assom ‘dog.’

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