A wet wet day

Today was wet – all day.
It was a great rain.
The creek is up and running freely for the first time in quite a while.

Tim & Jan went out to do mussel work this morning.
I set Anna alight on a list of jobs that needed to be done.
Then I got the children rounded up into the school room.
We carried on with our Arachnid studies.

We spent today looking specifically at what arachnids are –
mites and

and what constitutes one.
i.e. 3 points
they have an exoskeleton
they have no antennae
they have 4 pairs of legs

I was asking the children what they thought an exoskelton was.
Azzan said

It’s when the skeleton is inside out.
I thought that was a pretty good explanation

We were talking about each type and I told them that mites are everywhere, so teeny tiny that you don’t see them but they are in the dust and in your clothes and on your skin….

Then I realised Azzan was squirming all over the place.
He started complaining about all the itchy things all over him.
Talk about the power of suggestion!!

Cat was rained inside today so she called up for a chat.
She was bored.
Tough life these riggers have!
She has put her boat on the market so anyone interested out there give her a call.
She has her eyes on a much bigger one.

Tim & Jan went down to try and put in another pile this arvo but the rain was just too heavy and the hole they dug kept filling up with water – rather frustrating as the tides are changing and he won’t get the low low tides for much longer and will have to wait for a couple more weeks to try again.

Shanni came in quite distressed last night as her wee lame dove was near dead.
I actually thought it was dead and then she saw a wee glimmer of life.
So it got brought in and dried off and warmed up buy the fire and it has perked up and is as good as new today.
She was delighted as it is the first bird she has managed to save.

The rain is sposed to last for the next 3 days so I guess there will be a lot of indoor jobs completed.

I was going to make lasange for dinner as I have heaps of silverbeet to use up.
But on looking for the lasange sheets I discovered I was all out.
So I changed the recipe and we had spaghetti with a meat & tomato/silverbeet sauce.
Served with grated cheese and guacamole and Shanni had to go get the corn chips to complete the meal.
It was sort of a mix of Italian, Mexican and Port Ligarian food
But whatever – it was very tasty.

Tim and I have just had a spa with the wind whistling around our ears and the penguins giving us a concerto from beneath the verandah.
What better evening entertainment could we wish for
The children are all settled nice and early so it looks like I might actually get to bed early too.

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