Another very wet day

Anna & Jan decided to make a run for it this morning.
It had not been raining for a while and we had strong winds throughout the night which had hopefully dried the roads a tad.
So after breakfast they said their farewells and had a group hug with the kids as they walked out the door.

It is always sad to farewell new friends but life has to move on and they have other places to go and people to meet.

I was intending to do some school work but other things sorta got in the way.
I discovered I had made another huge mistake when booking our tickets to Melbourne.
I had actually paid for travel insurance to the airline agent.
My darling s-i-l reminded me today that I had a visa card and was covered with that if I paid for the tickets with it.
So I called up and they canceled the policy – so we now have – or will have as soon as it goes back on my card within the next 10 working days, got to be precise here!! – an extra $720 to play with

Then all too soon it was lunch time.
During lunch Tim asked if I could drive up the hill with him and then bring the ute back so he could go muster some sheep.
So we loaded all the children on board and headed up to the top.
When we got there it was starting to rain again but Shanni decided she was going to help Dad with the muster and hopped out too.
I managed to persuade her to put his spare sweatshirt on over top of hers for a bit more protection.

We came home – hit a couple of greasy patches so had to take it a bit more slowly.
Finished cooking dinner.
I had stuffed chicken pieces with a mixture of tasty cheese, slightly steamed silverbeet (squeezed of excess liquid) and nutmeg all whizzed up together.
I just poked it in under the skin and let it bake in the wood stove all afternoon.
Then I put it in the electric oven on a high heat for 30mins to brown off a bit.
It was the best chicken I have ever had.
It was so tasty and melted in your mouth.

Tim has spent most of today fixing Shanni’s bike.
Good day to do that.

After dinner Tim played Risk with the girls.
Azzan was busy eating feijoas.

I made a banana and boysenberry smoothie for my dessert but of course had to make extra for the others once they saw what I was up to.

Tim glanced over and said to Azzan
Where’s the stuff you spilt? Did you wipe it up?’
Azzan replied.
I sucked it up with my proboscis.’

I just went into melt down
That boy is just way to fast with his words.

It is now pouring with rain again.
Tim says we have had over 80mm since Sunday already and it is still coming down real heavy.
We really need it but there is a road out there which the grader has only just been over and it is a total mess and very dangerous.
I just hope no-one is going to have any serious accidents on the way to town.

I also hope that it stops well before Monday and dries out before I have to leave cuz I hate driving on muddy, slippery, freaky roads

8 thoughts on “Another very wet day

  1. Once again, Azzan makes me laugh.  : )Feijoas.  There’s something new.  When I first saw them, I supposed they were kiwi fruit… already peeled.  Kendric is a fan of kiwi fruit.  We don’t often buy it (it’s ridiculously expensive here) but I wondered the other day if you in kiwiland call it kiwi… or something else.

  2. @KirbysWyfe - Kiwifruit are also expensive here – crazy eh? Seeing as they grow here.But most of them get exported. We are fortunate as we have friends who grow them commercially and they have bins of 2nds. Also another friend gets truck loads of 2nds and feeds them to his deer! There is nothing wrong with them except they are the wrong size and shape for the Japanese market – duh!We call them Kiwifruit here.When I was young they were known as Chinese Gooseberries but when they began to be grown commercially they were renamed to what they thought was more appropriate.There is also a gold variety now called Zespri.I don’t like them as much once they get too ripe they smell & taste yuck! Whereas the green can get very very ripe and are still good.The green ones if eaten 2-4 a day are good to counteract the side effects of my iron tablets!!! So I love it when they are in season.They are continually experimenting with new varieties – I believe they now have created one that is very small and smooth skinned so you can eat it all.I was very surprised to realise in the US that they are just called kiwis, as is a colour green, cuz we as people call ourselves Kiwis. The bird is a kiwi and the fruit is kiwifruit.

  3. Hello Mrs. Raewyn,You made your site simple yet elegant. The pictures are a nice touch. I see that you have a wide variety of interests and observations here! I like to write articles about Jehovah God on my site to help people to really get to know Him, especially in these troubled times. 44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever. (Daniel 2:44) (NIV)

  4. @Rabbits_Nest – Funny.  We (not necessarily all Americans, but we as a family) call the bird “kiwi bird.”  We use the term as an adjective for the bird, you use it for the fruit.  Hm.  (I think an old childhood song is responsible for this:  “If you go to New Zealand, way down in the southern sea, please give my regards to the kiwi bird…  The funniest bird I’ve heard of is PeeWee the kiwi bird, he’s got two wings but he just can’t fly, ’cause he get’s dizzy when he goes up high…  His ‘lectric bill’s enormous, he sleeps all day and he’s up all night…“)Apples, especially, taste infinitely better straight from the tree than after being shipped to market.  I’ve experienced the same difference, not as often, with oranges and strawberries.  Can’t help but wonder about all those other fruits that I’ve only experienced via the grocer.  IF EVER we make it to NZ, I’d like to try a real, fresh Kiwi kiwi.

  5. @KirbysWyfe - I can’t believe you know that song – that is such a Kiwi iconic song!!!You are right about things tasting way better fresh from the tree, or vine as it is in this instance.I would love for you to come over to taste a fresh one Have you ever thought of trying to grow a vine??

  6. You’d just bought some tickets for July and paid for insurance and had it refunded because you already had it, it must be a big trip somewhere because the insurance is $700. I am worried about you lady, not remembering such a huge trip.So when you remember let me know where you are disapperating to for 6 weeks, I might get some cards done LOL. Oh no I might be moving then

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