The past two days have been wet.
Rain coming down in torrents and then still, calm, nothing.
We have had over 110mm (4.33″) since Sunday.
Smiling weather for farmers.
Perfect week for us to have rain as we are both so tired and we have no extras in the house.
Just us and three young’uns.

We have done some school work both days.
Getting a bit done on our Arachnid unit.
Yesterday we focused on scorpions.
Today it was mites and ticks.
We also watched a couple of good episodes from Suzy’s World about Tarantulas and webs this morning.
She is so delightful and fun to learn from.
I can sit back and relax and learn with the children

I am not too sure if it is the weather or just that we have been incredibly busy for so long that we have crashed.
Tim is pottering about fixing things.
I am managing to school the kids and that’s about it.
My body is aching, I am lethargic and headachey and can’t get out of my own way.

I have to find some energy soon cuz I have to face the big wide world again on Monday.

I was trying to get energetic this arvo but ended up lying on the sofa talking to a friend.
Shanni kindly gave me a foot massage – it was lovely.
Then at 6pm I dragged myself into the kitchen to try and formulate something interesting and tasty for the family.
I was totally uninspired and lacking in enthusiasm.
Tim had already cooked some mutton chops in the woodstove so that part of the meal was sorted.
I steamed the last of the silverbeet that Anna had cut.
Then found a cauliflower.
Cut it into pieces with a carrot into sticks.
Cooked them then after I drained the pot I added grated tasty cheese and added a can of reduced cream.
With rice it was absolutely delicious.
I felt heaps better after dinner.
Must have needed some sustenance!

A cold southerly has blown in the bay this afternoon.

I think I might just go crawl into bed now and try to get warm.

Azzan the proverbial procrastinator
who has already been put to bed by his father…
and re-sent to bed by his mother…
Just met Tim in the hall again a few moments ago.
With his finger raised to ward off a telling off he said,
I just have to tell you something really interesting.
I just heard my middle name in the story – it’s in the Bible.
It said something like 2nd Timothy.

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