Friday & Saturday at our place

We have had a Southerly here for the past few days.
Friday was still and so bitterly cold.

The girls spent some time weeding the garden.
They had to come indoors to thaw out before lunch.

Tim spent the morning working on the shed and John did mussel ropes.
Then once the tide was low enough Tim and John were busy working under the woolshed again.
Ivo from the Netherlands arrived on the mailboat.

He helped Tim in the arvo too.
Once the tide came in the two guys did mussel ropes for the rest of the arvo.

At dinner time Nathan & Tim were in fine fettle.
They are as bad as each other and there is always a fuss and a tussle going on when the both of them are around each other!!

Haichi was keen to learn some Dutch so she spent time with Ivo learning new words after dinner.

Seb was on his way home but the alternator belt broke so he stayed in Havelock to get it fixed and then spent the evening with his skipper watching the rugby.
So he came in very very late.
We didn’t see him till lunch time Saturday!

Saturday was cold – not as bitter as Friday – but still cold.
The girls spent the morning cleaning out the wwoofers hut and sorting the work clothes.
Then we moved a small green sofa in there and the larger green one up into Anson’s sleepout.

Tim took John & Ivo over the back of the farm to do some fencing repairs, digging post holes etc.
They came home for a late lunch.

I was on a mission to get all the accounts filed and then get stuck into some artwork.
It took my till lunch time to make dinner and lunch
Haichi & Sarah came in and helped me with some of the preparation.
After a while I got Sarah to spend some time with Azzan.
He has been missing out lately and has been demanding attention
He wants to do chemistry experiments all the time.

This one made him laugh when the gas from the vinegar and baking soda made the balloon blow up.

They played with Azzan’s farm animals too.

Seb brought home a mountain of washing so it took all day to get it through the machine and dryer.
I think he saved up the past 3 weeks of dirty clothes especially for me!!!
He and Azzan had a very raucus game after dinner.
It was a lot of fun to watch the two of them playing

Ivo went kayaking before dinner and the other 3 went walking.

There was a wonderful sunset.
The colours reflecting on the bay were magnificent.

Around dark it began to rain.
The wind started to blow and the storm began.

Seb & I started watching ‘The Cider House Rules’ but the power kept on cutting out.
So we eventually gave up.
The power finally stopped flickering and went off totally about 10:30pm and didn’t come on again till around 6am today.

2 thoughts on “Friday & Saturday at our place

  1. Wow.  Those colors on the bay are magnificent!Smiling at Seb and Azzan playing. Noticing the chair in the “playing with farm animals” picture.  You had a small chair upholstered, too?  Love it!The poster on the wall behind “Ivo from the Netherlands” looks quite familiar.  Kirby’s family had that poster when he was young.  *memories*

  2. @KirbysWyfe - yes, had the wee nursing chair done too. Am waiting for one other to be done at he moment and I think that will be enough in that fabric. Have got enough of the burgandy on Tim’s chair to do something else – just have to decide what??The poster – I have had that for a long time – I love it. First time I have heard of anyone else with it, have never seen it again since I bought it.

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