Sunday and Seb :-)

This morning John was leaving.
We couldn’t provide what he wanted/needed so he had decided to move on.
Sarah got word she had a job starting tomorrow and Haichi wanted to get some medical assistance for an injury to her finger from a month ago.
So they both packed up and headed out with John.

That meant I had a heap of bedding to launder today.
Also none of them bothered to remake their beds which is an expected thing around here so that the accommodation is ready for the next people.
I was rather annoyed about that.
But thanks to Nathan & Ivo it all got done.

The freezing cold southerly is really hammering in here again today.
So what do the children do?
Of course!
They go outside and make huts on the verandah – duh!
I bet the next fine warm day they will be sitting around inside

We had a bit of a study – continuing with Zechariah.
Listened to Chuck Missler’s teaching about it.
Managed to take in about 40mins of it before Tim flagged.
It was really great and very, very informative but pretty intensive.
He is such a good teacher but you really have to concentrate and listen several times to absorb everything he is telling you.
So we will have to take it in little bites methinks!

Tim went and had a sleep after lunch.
Shanni found some old home movies and was enjoying watching Seb & Bri as little people.
For some reason most of the video’s were filmed when Seb was a wee toddler and he didn’t seem to be wearing nappies much!

I helped Seb gather together some food for his week on the boat.
Then he asked me to cut his hair.
I was totally shocked.
He has not had a haircut in so long and is most particular about how it is cut.

Anyway I gave it my best shot.
Shanni had to get these before photos first.

Consultation time.

I  cut fairly tentatively to begin with as it is easier to take off more later than to stick it back on again.
But he kept on asking for it to be shorter and less bouffie & girlie.
So eventually I got it to this.
He was very happy with it.
So was I.
I thought I had done a pretty good job actually
He’s not half handsome is he??

He then loaded up all his stuff and headed off into the sunset back to work for another week.

I tiddled around with my house pages.
I am still working on the prototype.
I think I nearly have it sussed.
My theme is Maori/NZ house.
As everyone else in the swap is from the USA mine should be quite original.

Tim smoked up some salmon for dinner.
It was delicious.

Then after he put the little people to bed he and Nathan got onto the computer to search TradeMe for diggers/excavators.
Tim is totally computer illiterate.
But he knows his son likes to spend time on there so he is making use of his skills to do all this searching cuz I am totally over it!

I’ve already had my mug of liquorice tea and munched on some very delicious Cadbury’s Old Gold Liqueur Flavoured Selection by the fire.
I am now off to bed.

The wind is storming around the bay, the waves are pounding on the beach.
It is a great night for a cosy bed and a good book.

2 thoughts on “Sunday and Seb :-)

  1. The freezing cold southerly is really hammering in here again today.  So what do the children do?  Of course!  They go outside and make huts on the verandah – duh!  I bet the next fine warm day they will be sitting around inside.Ha.  The same thing happened here yesterday — in reverse.  It was a fine day, and my boys opted to spend most of it curled up with toys in their basement hideout. 

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