The week has begun

Just a brief recap of the past two days before I head off to my cosy bed.
Best place on nights like we are having lately.

We are back into school again.
It would be really great if I could just find the missing maths books
Mahalia has not done any maths since Brooke was here and Nathan’s test book has vanished.
So today I got Mahalia into doing catch up tests – as that was one book I could find.
I know they will turn up sometime – it is just really strange that they have escaped like this.

Began our unit study about Australia yesterday.
We are spending the rest of this term on it – it will be a big unit.
Had a look at the states and capitals etc, and drew up some maps – just basic introductory info.

Today we read about the Aborigine people – and found the the word comes from the Latin phrase ab origine meaning ‘from the beginning – or from the source.’

The people do not call themselves that – it is a term given them by the Europeans. Fascinating info we learned.

Australian Aboriginal People are not one homogenous group. Prior to Europen settlement it is estimated that there were more than 70 separate nations and more than 600 distinct language groups. Today there are still more than 200 distinct language groups still spoken. Aboriginal people do not speak English as a first language and many speak several aboriginal languages. Aboriginal people do not refer to themselves as Aborigines but instead refer to themselves according to their language sub group, tribe or clan.

One of the most misunderstood and badly treated indigenous peoples in the world.

We also read about the various explorers who discovered Australia in one form or another over the past 1,000’s of years.

I spent whatever time I was not doing school or cooking meals working on the accounts yesterday and today.
I have nearly finished

Tim & Ivo have been working on the fencing project for the past few days so they don’t get in till late for their lunch.
Ivo braved the waves and went kayaking this arvo.
Tim is trying to find our bull – he seems to have disappeared and he is worried he may have gotten his horns caught in bushes somewhere.

Nathan prepared the vegetables for dinner tonight and then he and Azzan made a Caramel Chocolate slice for desert – it was very very decadent.

Last night I watched The Fisher King.
What an amazing movie.
The dvd malfunctioned in the middle of it and as it was late I left it till tonight to finish watching it.
It is a very unusual movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was intense, funny, sad, poignant…. Robin Williams is so good.
He never fails.

I have also had time tonight to get stuck into my art project.
I will have to work pretty hard over the next few days to get it completed in time.
But I will do it.

I was gutted yesterday to get news of friends in Montana.
They were involved in a car accident on Saturday.
Please pray for the recovery of them all especially their young son K and daughter M who were badly injured.
They are all home now apparently which is great but K has got a long road ahead to recover fully.

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