We have been doing some concerted math and grammar before getting loose into our project work.
Azzan was literally eating his workbook yesterday.
Some of it was pretty basic so I didn’t mind him racing through.
I was fascinated though at how he was counting.
He had a few pages where he had to find and circle the required groups of items in the pictures.
The numbers up to 6 proved no problem at all.
He didn’t appear to even stop to think or count – he just looked and circled – no hesitation.
Then once he got to 8 I was watching him and using his fingers in groups of 4’s he would place them quickly over the group of 4 and count under his breath – ‘4 and 4 makes 8’.
Then onto the 9 page and it was ‘4 and 4 and 1 makes 9’
And the 10 page ‘5 and 5 makes 10’
I really haven’t been teaching him these concepts he is just absorbing them and can tell me the 2 times table without any hesitation.
He has the concepts of doubling and adding or decreasing by 1 without any hassle at all.

Later on we were reading about Australia and discussing the early explorers/discoverers etc.
One of the questions was how did all the animals get to be there?
Like, how come so many interestingly different animals are all just on that one continent when they all originally came out of the ark?
So we talked about that and I told them and showed them pictures of what some people think in respect of Gondwanaland being floating continents which fit together sorta like a jigsaw and that over time they have drifted apart.
I reiterated though that this was only some peoples conception of how things may have happened and that no-one really really knows and that one day when we get before the throne of God we can ask him all these questions that puzzle us.
The Azzan said in a very serious contemplative manner, ‘The earths continents can’t have floated cuz when you dive down in the water it is solid all the way down and you cannot get under them. So they can’t have floated.’
I thought that was the most solidly scientific explanation I have heard for a long long time

Then Azzan wanted to know how does a native get to be a native?
I think he was trying to work out how do the natives that we look upon as native get to be black when we are white.
So there was a big discussion as to what the original skin colour would have been.
Basic assumption – white
‘No,’ I said – ‘don’t you think we were all maybe more of a chocolatey colour and from there we have become and developed over time to be all the varying colours we are today?’

Then I read them a book called ‘The Took the Children’ by David Hollinsworth.
It’s about the stolen generation.
It is horrendous what happened to those children.
The children were all quite moved by the story and to realise that it happened in such recent times.

I have the book ‘Rabbit Proof Fence‘ which I am going to read to the children.
The movie is very very moving, so if you haven’t seen it go for it!!
I must try and hire it soon for them.

Shanni was fascinated by Nathan.
He reads everywhere – that is common knowledge around here.
But to have his book set up while he was making the sandwich – well, I do wonder if he really noticed what he was putting on his read!!!
Must be a good book Natey!!

Azzan was sorting out some videos – found we have a whole heap of Bible story ones that he wants me to put on dvd.
I really think I have a mathematician on myhands.
He loves to sort and put things into groups and arrange things.
But on the other hand he loves science, art and dance – quite an sweet enigma

Tim took everyone mustering at 3pm.
They found all the llamas.

They also found the sheep and brought them in for shearing today.

I spent the afternoon doing food preparation.
Made a humungous pot of soup from turnip, capsicum, pumpkin & kumara.
Then did dinner and stewed some pears.
Alan arrived in and cuz he was in the Cottage all by his lone Tim invited him up for dinner.
Then after dinner and after Tim put the children to bed we spent several hours searching for cars on the internet.

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