Food Processing….. and total exhaustion!

We have had several busy days preparing food.
Graham had brought in a bins of capsicum, kumara and pears which all needed dealing with pretty much straight away. 

On Thursday while everyone was all down in the wool shed working I was up in the house preparing food for them.
They get mighty hungry when they are working.
I made a huge carrot cake but it wasn’t cooked in time so thankfully Graham had given me some chocolate cake.
I made cheese, relish & lettuce sandwiches for them as well.
I had already made a humungous pot of vege soup so they had that for lunch with kumara chips and cold ham for afters.
They enjoyed the carrot cake after lunch.

While I peeled and sliced the kumaras the girls peeled a big pot of pears for me – I made Pear Crumble for dessert.

On Friday we spent the morning writing letters.
I had mail to get organised too so I was betwixt the kitchen supervising the children and keeping them to task and helping with spelling etc, and trying to do my letters etc in the study.
It was rather a mind taxing morning.

Tim spent the morning out doing mussel work with Ivo.
In the afternoon he left Ivo to help us while he worked on the ’88 South’.
We got stuck in and processed the 2 bins of capsicum.
It took a good couple of hours to do and we were pretty weary by the end of it all.

Note Shanni’s wee helper inside the yellow scrap bucket!!
He really enjoyed fishing for the seeds.

While Ivo & Shanni helped me do that,
Nathan & Mahalia peeled and chopped up a box of pears.
I was washing and bagging the chopped capsicum for the freezer and stewing the pears to make desserts with.

Once all of this was done we then prepared potatoes,  carrots, kumara, onions etc for dinner.
There was quite a huge clean up afterwards.
But once it was all done I banned the children from coming indoors.

I was totally and completely and utterly knackered.
I needed to sit and rest without any noise.

A headache was advancing and despite copiuos drinks of water and a rest on the sofa it got worse.
So by the time dinner was nearly ready I was feeling quite sick.
I had to succumb to taking some Panadol.
That finally kicked in and helped immensely.
Seb & his friend Oliver arrived in time for dinner.
Then they went out for the evening hunting.
I got a second wind after dinner and got a lot done on my art pages while Tim and Alan talked the night away.

This morning we all got stuck in and did a big house clean.
The children were great.

Mahalia swept and tidied the backdoor area while Shanni cleaned the bathrooms.
They all cleaned their bedrooms.
Nathan got rid of rubbish and then walked around and got The Croft ready for our guests.
Then he and Ivo spent the rest of the morning in the vege garden.
Once that was finished Ivo did some pruning for me.
The younger chilren got enthused and began pruning the trees around their playhouse and path – their energy and enthusiasm was a treat to behold!

I had food to prepare for dinner.
Seb & Oliver arrived back home in time to help with a lot of that which was great.
I now have meals organised for several days
But I was totally distressd to find the pot of soup had gone off over night.
I should’ve had it in the fridge as it was such a large full pot and it never cooled down properly overnight despite the cold atmosphere.

The folk arrivd for The Croft bringing with them, at my request, the movie of ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’.

We watched the making of the movie before dinner – it was very very moving and parts of it made me cry just experiencing the emotions of it all with the people.

Then after dinner we watched the movie.
The children were full of questions.
It is such a hard concept for them to understand that some people would want to take away someones else’s children just because they thought they would be better off becoming servants to the white people and breeding the native out of them.

If you haven’t seen this movie it is a must.
It is especially beneficial to watch the 2nd disc showing how they found the actresses etc beforehand.
Very very moving.

2 thoughts on “Food Processing….. and total exhaustion!

  1. So happy to see pictures of your “capsicum.”  All this time, as you’ve been cooking with (what sounds like large quantities of) capsicum, I’ve envisioned a lot of very hot, spicy food.  Ah, it’s just green bell peppers.  (Apparently, I’ve been confusing your “capsicum” with “capsaicin“.)Another wonderful NZ word: “knackered.”  : )  I wish I could use it, but it would sound so … contrived.  : )Will look for this “Rabbit Proof Fence.”  We watched “Australia” this summer.  That’s the first I’ve heard of The Stolen Generation.

  2. @KirbysWyfe - wow! That is so cool – I never new the word capsaicin – it all makes sense though eh?’knackered’ – I have been told that I should be careful when using this word around other nationalities as it is not so acceptable!! As you can tell – I am referring to the meaning ‘totally exhausted’.’Australia’ really is a bit of a joke – it is a real true blue Aussie drama – gotta have that Aussie dry humour in there  - however Rabbit Proof Fence is definitely one of the catalysts for telling this generation the truth of what happened – and it happened for a long time and up until very recently – that is what is so horrid about it. I don’t care what people say/think of the Aborigines. They have been given a real bums rush in life since the English invaded their space. It is totally shocking.If you want to see some other Aust movies that portray the humour really well – ‘The Castle’ and ‘Strictly Ballroom’ are two I would suggest.

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