Shearing on Thursday.

Gary & Caleb arrived late Wednesday night so were ready to begin shearing at 7:30am Thursday.
They had finished shearing all the 2-tooth ewes by mid morning and crutching the hoggets by soon after midday so it was a pretty short and sweet day.
We were able to enjoy a leisurely lunch with the guys before they headed off back home again.

Shanni went down and took a few photos for me.

 Some of the sheep waiting for their haircuts

Tim is usually fully occupied during shearing with keeping sheep up to the shearers and bringing them in and letting them out and keeping everything ticking along.
One major hiccup this time – someone let about 30-40 sheep out into the wrong yard which meant he had to do some unnecessary sorting up by hand – which totally stuffed him – frustrating

Nathan was doing the shedhanding.

Graham came around to help on the table.
Hali helped with the wool too.
It gets sorted on the table and then put into the wool press.

The closest sheep are waiting to be shorn and the ones in the middle pen have been done and are waiting to be let out into the yard.

They get let out and then later on Tim moves them back up to the paddocks.

It was a flat calm day.
The wharf leads on out of the woolshed.

A rather idyllic picture I thought

2 thoughts on “Shearing on Thursday.

  1.   Idyllic, yes.This “wool press” .. is it simply for shaping the wool into bales?  Or … (and I’m totally showing my ignorance here) is it for extracting lanolin?  *shrugs*  I remember shearings (not nearly as extensive as yours, but shearings nonetheless) when I was young, and we put the wool in hanging canvas bags…

  2. When we are shearing the wool gets sorted on the board by the rousies as it comes off the sheep into the large bags and the main fleece gets done on the table and then rolled. Then each type of wool gets put in the press. There is a large bag in there and when it is full it gets ‘pressed’ down really really tight – about 200kg or 400lbs. Then it is sent out to town to be sold.

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