A fast jam packed trip to town

Shanni and I made our get away just before 8am.
I was a bit concerned about the road but it was fine the whole way.
There was a bit of frost along the way – white sheets of it actually.
But there was a lot of grit and gravel spread so I never hit any ice.
The temperatures were a lot milder too so all was good.

I was coming along the road above St Lawrence and the early morning sun shinning over on Deep Bay was so beautiful I had to stop for a photo.

And looking back to the north was a different early morning scene with D’Urvile Is and all the smaller islands in the distance.

A few miles on I just had to stop again to capture the view looking back through French Pass.

Shanni was commenting that if we kept stopping to take photos we would never get to town!

Tim had managed to fit Poppi’s large cage in the back but after we clanged and clattered up the hill from home and swooped around many corners I could see the poor bird couldn’t get comfy and was moving around the cage in a concerted effort not to be swung off his perch.
So I told Shanni he could come out for hte journey as long as he stayed on her side of the vehicle.
Which he did.

When we got to town we had a few jobs to run around doing.
Poppi came too.
Most of the time he was sitting on Shanni’s hat – it was so funny watching and listening to peoples reactions.

We had only 20mins to find Shanni some black boots.
And we did it.
She is pretty rapt too cuz they have heels!
Fancy my 11 year old wearing heels already.
(They are not high – just an inch)
She is just growing up way too fast.

We then spent an hour at the bank getting a few things sorted int he way of travel money etc.
After that we had to race up to catch Margaret and the girls.
They were heading to the skating rink for the afternoon with the home school group.
So we unloaded Poppi, managed to manouver the cage out – darned if I know how Tim got it in there – and then Shanni went with them to try roller skating for the first time.
Her verdict was – ‘It was heaps of fun, can I do it again please?’!!!

I went back into the city and gathered up some journals etc for the kids to scrapbook their trip in and then met David, Sasha & Nadia for lunch at Devilles.
It was a pleasant hour or so.
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon chasing around doing all the things I had to get done before the night meeting.
I was pretty happy to find a portable dvd player at The Warehouse for only $169 plus 3 free dvds.
That should help to entertain the kids on the plane.

My last call for the day was the hospice to visit Don & Kathy.
I got there just before 5pm.
But when I asked to see them the nurse suggested I go home and call Kathy.
So I hopped into the Safari and headed off out to Richmond to find her.
I spent a lovely hour with her and her son Matt from Melbourne.
Don had died in the early hours of the morning so I had missed seeing him.
But Tim had caught up with him last week and it was good to have time with Kathy before we head off.
A very emotional time but we know he is in the arms of Jesus now and we can just be so blessed we knew him and that he is now out of pain. He was in so much pain before.

I managed to literally fly back into Nelson and get to the conference about 15 mins before it began. Graham had met up with Margaret and Dave and they were waiting for me in the foyer.
Lots of material to view before going in

We spent the next couple of hours listening to Chuck Missler talk about strategic current events and how they relate to what was prophesied in the Bible.
It was great to hear him speak in person.
We have listened to him on the radio for years and have a lot of his teaching materials.
There was a most interesting Q&A session at the end.
It didn’t finish until 10:30pm.
I had to rush off to catch the supermarket before it closed at 11am.
I was starving cuz I had been too busy to eat dinner.

I got back tot he house to get Shanni, waited for the athers to arrive and then we headed off home soon after 11pm.
Shanni filled croissants for me as we drove.
I was so so hungry that I devoured them as fast as she could make them.
Picture her sitting with croissants, tomatoes, avocado, brie, capsicum and a creamy chilli spread on her knees.
Trying to cut, slice, spread as we drove along and then as we wound up and down and around the Wangamoas.
It was quite a feat but she did well.
I certainly appreciated her for doing it

She didn’t go to sleep until nearly an hour from home.
We got back just after 2am.
I was in bed by 3am.

Today I was a bit slow getting out of bed but with the help noise of Azzan & Mahalia’s high jinks I was up soon after 8am.

Nuana had cleaned Shanni & Azzan’s rooms yesterday and changed beds.
So today I changed our bed.
Managed to get our packing another step towards completion.
Did a heap of laundry.
Tim etc had gone out mussel working yesterday morning and then in the arvo he, Nate & Constantin had gone mustering.
Today they drenched sheep and then went up the hill after lunch to dig some fence post holes.
Constantin cleaned out the Safari for me while Tim had a meeting next door.
Nuana and I have begun packing the Safari now it is clean.

Mahalia & Azzan cleaned the bathroom.
They had a lot of fun and made a lot of wet mess.
They were both soaked when they had finished – for some reason unbeknownst to me they have to be inside the shower with the water running to actually clean it!!
So they stripped off and had a spa afterwards.
That increased the washing loads for me!

Shanni is missing Poppi
She left him with Grace last night.
Grace has an Alexandrine parrot and is going to be mother to Poppi while we are away.
She called up today and had a long talk and apparently talked whistled to Poppi over the phone.
It is going to be a long few weeks for her I think.
But I am sure the birdlife in Australia will side track her a bit

I was getting pretty shattered as the day came to a close.
Managed to get through dinner and then conned Shanni into giving me a massage.
While she was massaging my feet she was prattling away as per normal.
She asked ‘Why do people have hairy armpits?’
I was trying to get my head around answering that and mumbled something about protection etc to which she asked
‘How come we don’t have hair under our knee caps then?’

On that note I am really going to have to go die for a few hours.
My bed is calling me so loudly – I never saw it for long enough last night.

Tomorrow is D day.
Have to get all packing etc completed by tomorrow night.

Busy busy busy….

Yesterday Tim and Constantin headed out to Clay Point to bulldoze a track.
Tim said that what he planned to do would make it easier to muster the sheep in future.
He came home after lunch time to get a  generator from Graham’s hut as the dozer had stalled.
Graham had headed out to Motueka for a few days to help a friend build her kitchen.
Tim didn’t get home till around 7pm.
It was dark and I was getting quite concerned.
But as per usual nothing was wrong, and he came in bright and cheery after a good day out on the hills, despite the frustrations of the dozer not going for a time.

Nuana cleaned the outside bathroom and wash house area in the morning.
Smells and looks lovely and fresh now
Then she and Mahalia got stuck into Hali’s bedroom after lunch.
I had realised in the morning that it was a total tip.
Hali had been stashing stuff under things and into boxes – no wonder she can never find clothes that I know she has!
It took a while but Nuana managed to get rid of several huge bags of rubbish.
It now looks very clean and tidy.

I have been tidying my study also.
Got rid of a heap of paper rubbish – continual paper  war goes on in here.
Drives me potty.
I file into various places and if after several months goes by and the paperwork hasn’t been dealt with it is either out of date or it doesn’t matter anyway so it gets binned!

I also spent most of the day getting my accounts up to date on the computer and all the important paper work filed so I can take it all out to the accountant on Monday.
It is time for gst and end of year accounts and I will be away when they are due to be filed.
So while I am away he is kindly going to do this months gst for me – oh how rapturous a feeling that is – no gst for me
The Great Escape!!

The bay was absolutely beautiful in the mid afternoon
The clouds were all layered and the bay was like a mill pond.

This morning there were three large dolphins cruising past my window.
I could look right down the steps from my office and see them.
It was magic.

Tim called the girls to come see but they were far too busy.
Shanni was wanting to give her birds a bit more protection from the cold and winds and I had suggested she could use the old bamboo blind that used to hang in the kitchen decades ago.
She decided today was a good day to hang it up so had Hali up on the roof holding it for her.

I cleaned out the book shelves in the office this morning and found a lot of school related books that I had been buying over past month. So they have been relocated to the school room.
I also keep a stash of books etc for bribary and corruption and for presents!
In amongst them was a chemistry box of things to do with Crystals.
Azzan swooped on it as soon as he poked his nose around the hall door.
 I think he has a nose for chemistry things.
He loves doing experiments.
He came into me the other morning -I was still in bed.
He asked me how I would feel about gong to Nelson everyday?
‘Well’, he said, ‘I want to go to science school and Nuana said I could go everyday if you will take me.’
Sure babe – I don’t mind driving 6 hours a day just for you!

Anyway, he got Nuana to help him with the instructions and when I caught up they were seeing what happens to the crystals in water

and lemonade

and then they made a crystal tree.

At midday –
‘Wow Mum! Look the crystals are beginning to grow already.’

Then 4 hours later –
It is so exciting when you actually can see a reaction and something has happened

Isn’t this just so super cool?

Shanni & Mahalia have tidied the Sylvanian’s and were having a birthday party for two for them this morning.

They have also been playing up in the attic with the Kelly’s and Barbie’s.
They are normally fairly quiet but at times it sounds like there are elephants up there!
At least they have gotten into the habit of shutting the trapdoor so the house heat doesn’t dissipate up there.
It is hard enough to heat the house without having to heat the attic too.

We have been on the final library book hunt.
I have finally finished reading ‘Cola’s Journey’ so if it can go back.
Incredible story – certainly opens your eyes to the plight of some of the war torn African children.
Nathan is frantically reading the last of his books.
Still cannot find a couple of them – bother it.
I was so hoping for a clean sweep before we go.

Shanni has been clearing out the creek by the tree house too and Azzan has re-found the tree house so there has been a bit of outside play oging on despite the rather cool weather.
It is still cold but not as cold as it was a few days ago.
Shanni & I are heading into Nelson tomorrow.
We will drop her baby into some friends who are going to look after it while we are away.
She is not terribly happy about leaving Poppi bit at least he will be in good hands.
I am going to hear Chuck Missler tomorrow night.
Didn’t think I was going as the tickets had all sold out but then a friend couldn’t go so he offered his to me just yesterday – thanks Herbie – love you

I have begun packing my clothes.
Well, I have them all in piles on my bed so I guess I realy should go pack them before it gets to be bed time and Tim chucks them off on to the floor!!

Please pray for my trip to town tomorrow – the roads are apparently very icy all the way –
I do not like ice

Weekending in the country……

Tim has been busy with a friend (Cat’s ex-boss)  over the past two days.
He and Noel have been getting the boat trailer ready to put Noel’s yacht on the beach so he can work on it.
They spent time Saturday doing that, Nathan has helped by climbing trees to cut away branches that were in the way. This morning Noel arrived bright and early with his yacht and Tim took the bulldozer around to pull the boat & trailer out of the water.

Shanni has more skinks in her skink farm and brought the biggest and smallest in to show us.
They both have names but I have forgotten them.
They were very quiet but as her hand and the room temperature warmed them up they became much more energetic and she had to do some quick catching!

We had a short Bible study today as Tim was late back and then visitors arrived.
But it was good – short and sweet
Tim was reading and talking about being aware of negative and ungodly influences and how they affect your spiritual life.

Noel’s wife and daughters drove around to pick him up at lunch time.
The children had a great time playing while Shania & Jewels were here.
They did a silly mask parade through the living room in amongst a heap of other silly giggly stuff

The girls have been playing a lot in the attic over past days with their Barbie and Kelly dolls.
It seems to be rather cyclical – they have seasons of Sylvania, Attic, Lego , playhouse etc.
At the moment it is the Attic where they hide despite the low temperatures up there.

I have been busy sewing for the past three days.
Got through a huge pile of mending etc. Then last night made two nighties for the girls that had been cut out for a while. Mahalia’s had horses on it and Shanni’s had chickens – surprise, surprise!!
They are pretty happy to have them completed.

I also made a fleece top for me but after making it I tried it on and then gave it away to Shanni – it didn’t do me justice at all. Loved the style but it didn’t love me

I called up Tim’s cousin in Brisbane for a chat before dinner – was great to hear how life is for them over there.
They think it is cold cuz it is only 16’C!!

We watched about half of ‘Australia’ tonight.
But as it was 11pm already we have turned it off and will watch part 2 tomorrow.
It is sposed to be a drama – and yes, it sort of is. But it is also very funny.

I am reading an interesting book at the moment
It is called Cola’s Journey.
A story of a Sudenese boy who was forcibly recruited into the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.
After two years he excaped and then began his long long trek which ended up in Australia 14 years later.
I am just up to where he is in so called army training.
Worth reading to open your eyes to what is going on in Africa

I am now off to bed to read a few more pages before today turns into tomorrow.

A cold week.

We have had a very very cold week – for here.
I know it is all relative and that there are a lot of you who have it a lot colder.
But you are prepared and it is normal for you.
Here is is totally abnormal for us to get snow and it is years and years since we have had it so cold in June like this.
We woke to thick frost on the wharf on Wednesday.
Tim said I needed to get a photo as it was so unusual.

I ventured out very quickly onto the deck to get the photo and found the deck was all frosted up too.

And down on the lawn the lawnmowers sheep were looking longingly at me as if to ask if they could come in by the fire – please!

Meanwhile, inside we kept warm with the fires blazing.
Shanni got some paper and card out and proceeded to entertain the others by making a swan mobile.

Mahalia had gone out for a bike ride, crazy girl, and had come to grief.
She slipped on the icy concrete and put a biggish hole into her new tights and grazed/bruised her knee.
She was more worried about her knee – my first thought, I must admit, was for the tights that I had not long bought
She sat up at the table for ages with an ice pack on her knee while they all made masks and crowns.

Azzan loved his scary mask.

Graham came to visit and was showing Nathan how to do Sudoku and Shanni crowned them both but they were so engrossed that they never even acknowledged them!

Shanni came inside excitedly with this large piece of ice she had found on her chicken’s water container.

It was rather impressively thick.

I was rumaging in the freezer later on for something and found it lying in the top – it is now in smaller pieces scattered through the lovely clean freezer that Nuana spent ages de-icing the other day!

Tim and the guys did some sheep killing on Wed arvo. Then Tim packed up and headed off into Nelson.
He didn’t want to tackle the icy roads in the early morning.

Thursday it was jolly freezing.
I was up at 5:30am and got the fires blazing and finished getting my art swaps packed up ready to post away.
Then began the porridge saga!
Nathan had prepared the porridge the nigtht before so I cooked it on the woodfire.
He forgot which pot he had made it in and saw Tim’s normal pot in the sink and presumed it had all been eaten so he had something else for breakfast.
Then Shanni came out and didn’t think anyone had made porridge so she cooked up another pot full.
Normally they are the only two to eat it with Tim.
So by the time I caught up with it there were two pots of porridge cooked.
So after Shanni had eaten I combined them both and reheated it for my breakfast.
Then Nathan came in and had seconds, but there was still plenty left over.
The chickens benefited from that!

Shanni and Constantin cleaned out the chicken house.
He also fixed the tyres on Mahalia’s bike and swept out the concrete areas.
I got the sewing machines out and waded through a large pile of mending.
Nuana walked around the The Croft with Azzan to clean it as we had some surprise guests turn up a couple of days ago.
The girls have been outside building a hut despite the cold weather. They pop out for a while and do stuff and then come in and get warm and find food. They have also been playing games on the computer and trying to watch some videos and dvds. It has been rather frustrating for them though as the dvd remote has been damaged and they cannot fast forward etc to watch the series and as it is going to cost $40 to replace I am not happy – a new dvd player complete with remote is only $60

I have also been spending a lot of time planning the route of our trip and sussing out accommodation and things to see and do.
It is all taking shape now and looking like it will be a lot of fun.
Unfortunately we will be hitting school holidays but that cannot be avoided now.
When we made the decision as to what dates to go we were not aware of them.

Tim arrived home in time for dinner.
He had a reasonable report from the otolaryngologist.
He could not account for the pain Tim has been experiencing but he couldn’t find any infection.
So that was good.
In the meantime I have been chatting with our health provider and have a regime of things for him to take and also for us to take as an arsenal of protection against any lurgies we might come across in our travels.
Tim also popped in to the hospice to visit our friend Don.
So glad he did, a special time

Tim had just hopped into bed at 10pm when I recieved a text from Seb asking if Dad could please come and tow him as he was stuck in snow about 20mins from home.
Apparently the road was icy all the way in from Rai Valley and still a lot of snow around.
He had gotten stuck on the hill and just couldn’t get any traction.
So Tim got up and went to rescue his boy.
When they got home Seb consumed all of his dinner plus another plate full and was still looking around for more. Once his belly was full he was happy and he toddled off to bed.

This morning Tim took Seb, Nuana & Constantin out to do mussel work.
It was sunny and relatively calm but still cold.
The children and I got busy in the kitchen and did a heap of food prep.
I also put through a heap of washing while busy in the kitchen.
I think Seb saves up all his dirty washing to bring home!!
Tim had a roast of mutton cooking away in the wood stove – a very good reason to keep the fire blazing all day
We did enough veges for 2 dinners and made lunch and Nathan made dessert.
It was a delicious Mocha Whip. He also made Lemon Sago – a favourite of ours which we all call Frogs Eggs.
Of course when I was serving it tonight the children were teasing Constantin about having Frogs Eggs and he was very very hesitant. He did have some but was quite nervous about it.
It took him a while to realise they were all joking

I was so tired by the time we had finished it all. I then spent some more time sussing acommodation etc on the net and making phone calls. I have been meeting some really lovely and helpful people during all this planning and finding out all sorts of new and interesting things.

The mailboat arrived this arvo and brought some more curricula for me to suss out for the children for next term. There wan’t too much mail today which was good. Sometimes it can take me all afternoon to sort it all out.
There was a wonderful surprise though. A box of goodies from Brooke & Max.
The children were all delighted to receive it and are now waiting to call them up for a chat. They so miss them.
Thanks heaps you guys.
I love the apron and the recipe book looks fun.

Well, it is the end of a cold week – it seems to have flown by so I cannot say it has been a long cold week.
But it feels like it.
Hopefully this cold snap will pass over soon.
Just had a quick look at the extended forecast and it is saying we will be haivng southerlies for another few days yet.

Oh well, I heading to my cosy bed now and will think about tomorrow tomorrow!

Snow – part 2 – Shanni’s photos :-)

Everyone was so excited about the snow.
The 2 little ones have only ever seen snow flakes coming down in the rain just a few weeks ago after Bri’s 21st.
The have always wanted to go play in snow.

So Tim said he would take them up the hill to play in it.
They were all rushing around like fleas in a bottle getting dressed up warmly.
The girls managed to find their ski gloves and Azzan jumped out of the spa so quick that I don’t think he had time to cool down.
Nurse Charlotte phoned me for a chat just as all the noise and bustle was going on. I think she soon realised that life was going pretty much as crazily as normal over here!

Shanni took all these photos below and said I can share them with you now as long as I credit her for them – thanks Shanni
The snow began about half way up the Bush Road.
For all of you who know the road intimately – at the Big Slip.

I thought this was a pretty cool photo with the snow on the fronds of the trees.

Near the top of the road.

This shows how thick it was just below the cattle yards.

This is so impressive.
We have NEVER had snow like this before.

Looking southwest out along the road to town.

And northeast towards the cattle yards and airstrip.

Tim commented that the snow was so much lower along further.
Shanni didn’t quite capture it.
It was nearly at sea level below the airstrip.

The airstrip!

Time to make snowballs!!

Tim kept his windows firmly closed against the attack!

The trailer made a great slide.

Hali and her snowball.

Hali, Azzan & Constantin on the skidder boards.

Shanni bought this snowball home to show me.

Watch out Constantin!

I stayed back and enjoyed the peace and quiet and warmth.
Somehow snow does not really appeal to me.
I have vivid recollections of biking through slushy cold wet snow in Christchurch many years ago – yuck!
Instead I curled up by the fire and read my book – delicious

They were all wet and cold when they returned but mostly happy.
Azzan was not too impressed cuz Shanni had thrown a snowball at him.
I suggested that was what snow was all about.
Then I spotted a large contusion on his forehead.
He said that was where the snowball had hit him.
No wonder he wasn’t too happy about it.
Tim’s comment – ‘I guess it must have had some cow manure in that one’

Azzan & Hali warmed up in the spa which ended up in blows. Tired kids I guess.
They were remonstrated with and Azzan told to get out.
Shanni took his place and I gave him his dinner and read him stories.
When Azzan was saying grace before his meal he prayed that there would be more snow tonight so he could use the skis that he had seen up in the rafters of the topsheds and ski down the roof of our house!!!!

Tim & Constantin went down to shear a few sheep which Tim had been wanting to get done all day.
Dinner was cooking nicely in the slow cooker so with a pot of rice and some yummy delicious home grown organic carrots and frozen peas we finally enjoyed a satisfyingly nutritious dinner once Tim arrived back inside.

I have unearthed the sewing machine so hopefully tomorrow I will get a spot of mending done and shorten my new pants.
Then I can get onto the rest of the packing.

It snowed – here!! Unbelievable!

Monday was pretty windy.
Tim ended up spending the morning out on the water with one of our mussel company guys, checking sizes and harvestablity of some of the lines.

After a late lunch he headed over the back of the farm to do some more fencing.
He didn’t get back until after dark.
Constantin from Germany arrived in around then and spent the afternoon discovering the place.

We never really got to school cuz I decided it was time to sort out clothes and find sleeping bags and carry bags/packs etc. I got a bit of a system going. Nathan first. He brought all his clothes downstairs and sorted them on the table, deciding what to take and what to wash etc. Then Shanni did hers. Man! The washing machine has not stopped going since we started. I keep finding clothes that have been hiding from the machine   Thankfully I also have a dryer so as we wash, we dry and then pack.

Nathan had several cotton shirts which needed ironing. I told him I would teach him how to press his shirts. ‘What?’ he looked at me with an incredulous expression. Explanation – press means to iron – ‘Well, why didn’t you say so then?’ I showed him how to do one and then let him go for it. He was very proud to be learning some more bachelor skills.

The girls got stuck in and cleaned out Hali’s room looking for clothes and then as promised they did Azzan’s room – seeing as it was they who had been playing in there over past days and had created quite a mess. In so doing they managed to find a heap of his clothes which had been stuffed under his bunk – they all went through the wash too!

Today I managed to get their clothes all finished and began on Mahalia’s and then Azzan’s. Nathan helped by sorting the washing. He was folding Azzan’s clothes when he found a t-shirt which used to be his about 7 years ago! So he had to try it on of course and then ham it up

Shanni disappeared outside this morning and came in proudly with her carrot thinnings
We ate them for dinner tonight – they were delicious.

Today Tim & Constantin mustered the 2-tooths and then went over the back to do some more fencing.
The weather packed in and by the time they got home at lunch time it was freezing cold and raining. Tim said it was actually snowing up the top

The bay had closed right in but as the cloud began to life we started realising increduously how low the snow had fallen
Azzan was in the spa when we realised the snow was way down low just across the bay on Pohuenui.

I went outside to take some more photos and realised that it was also falling on the hill just above our house

and above Waterfall Bay

As the rain slowly cleared and the cloud began to lift we could see the extent of it.

It was also right down into Big Gulley and along West Entry Point on Te Kopi.

Then the late afternoon sun came out and it looked so beautiful.

Another three days have passed….

This was the view at the top of the hill on Thursday when I went to find Tim.
The islands were almost mystical in the misty fog – beautiful.

I keep forgetting to say also, that Peg’s 3 remaining puppies died.
Not too sure why – maybe no milk being winter an all.
But the men think they might try mating her again in the summer months.

The kids computer packed a wobbly on Thursday so I have to get it out to town and get it looked at.
In the meantime Nathan & Shanni are in withdrawals from their emails and Facebook
Poor darlings

Friday was still wet.
Ivo headed out on the mailboat.
Before he left he unloaded a truck full of firewood for Tim and then helped Tim to unload a fireplace for The Cottage.
Nuana & Nathan cleaned the wwoofers hut and remade all the beds so it is already for the next person to arrive on Monday.

Nuana has been a tremendous help.
She just quietly goes about doing things around here.
She does dishes, sweeps and vacuums everyday and has even washed my floor!
She spent Saturday morning cleaning out one of the freezers.
She helped me prepare a heap of food as well.
I had a huge cook up and made several different dishes and soups.
So lots to put in the freezer.

Last night Tim & Nathan watched ‘Dark Knight’ the 2nd Batman movie with Heath Ledger in it.
I worked away at my collaborative art pages and watched with one eye.
Crazy movie!
It was good though cuz they watched it on Nathan’s small screened laptop – not too overpowering

I stayed in bed late-ish this morning and finished my book.
I have several new Karen Kingsbury novels which I find very good to blob out to.

The girls turned up this morning dressed in their ‘twin’ gear.
Every now and then they decide to get it all on and be the same.

I thought they looked particularly cute today

We had fellowship this morning – well, it was very late this morning so didn’t finish till around 2pm
It was good though.
Had some really good Bible readings, discussions and interesting talks.

Cat called from Paraparaumu where she was helping my uncle & aunt raise a totem pole (originally from New Guinea) in front of their house.
She has all the lifting gear via her work so was able to assist.
It was huge – about 400kgs and 4m tall.
So a marathon effort.
It was nice to have a catch up chat with her.

Lunch was late.
Tim had been fixing bikes so he and the kids headed up the hill to do some biking etc as soon as they had finished.
I ate mine with my book in front of the fire.

Then I chatted with Emma on the phone for a while and worked some more on my art pages.
Figured I had time to make another call and spent an enjoyable time catching up with my friend Mhairi – I haven’t seen or talked to her in over 2 years so we had a lot to catch up on.
By then it was dinner time.
We had an easy Sunday dinner while we watched an old movie called ‘Wrestling with God‘.
It is about Alexander Campbell.
A very interesting movie which made us delve into our encyclopaedias to find out more about him.

Well, I have to hit the hay for now.
Got a busy couple of weeks.
I have a mental list of all I need to do which I should put into writing soon so I don’t forget anything.