Another three days have passed….

This was the view at the top of the hill on Thursday when I went to find Tim.
The islands were almost mystical in the misty fog – beautiful.

I keep forgetting to say also, that Peg’s 3 remaining puppies died.
Not too sure why – maybe no milk being winter an all.
But the men think they might try mating her again in the summer months.

The kids computer packed a wobbly on Thursday so I have to get it out to town and get it looked at.
In the meantime Nathan & Shanni are in withdrawals from their emails and Facebook
Poor darlings

Friday was still wet.
Ivo headed out on the mailboat.
Before he left he unloaded a truck full of firewood for Tim and then helped Tim to unload a fireplace for The Cottage.
Nuana & Nathan cleaned the wwoofers hut and remade all the beds so it is already for the next person to arrive on Monday.

Nuana has been a tremendous help.
She just quietly goes about doing things around here.
She does dishes, sweeps and vacuums everyday and has even washed my floor!
She spent Saturday morning cleaning out one of the freezers.
She helped me prepare a heap of food as well.
I had a huge cook up and made several different dishes and soups.
So lots to put in the freezer.

Last night Tim & Nathan watched ‘Dark Knight’ the 2nd Batman movie with Heath Ledger in it.
I worked away at my collaborative art pages and watched with one eye.
Crazy movie!
It was good though cuz they watched it on Nathan’s small screened laptop – not too overpowering

I stayed in bed late-ish this morning and finished my book.
I have several new Karen Kingsbury novels which I find very good to blob out to.

The girls turned up this morning dressed in their ‘twin’ gear.
Every now and then they decide to get it all on and be the same.

I thought they looked particularly cute today

We had fellowship this morning – well, it was very late this morning so didn’t finish till around 2pm
It was good though.
Had some really good Bible readings, discussions and interesting talks.

Cat called from Paraparaumu where she was helping my uncle & aunt raise a totem pole (originally from New Guinea) in front of their house.
She has all the lifting gear via her work so was able to assist.
It was huge – about 400kgs and 4m tall.
So a marathon effort.
It was nice to have a catch up chat with her.

Lunch was late.
Tim had been fixing bikes so he and the kids headed up the hill to do some biking etc as soon as they had finished.
I ate mine with my book in front of the fire.

Then I chatted with Emma on the phone for a while and worked some more on my art pages.
Figured I had time to make another call and spent an enjoyable time catching up with my friend Mhairi – I haven’t seen or talked to her in over 2 years so we had a lot to catch up on.
By then it was dinner time.
We had an easy Sunday dinner while we watched an old movie called ‘Wrestling with God‘.
It is about Alexander Campbell.
A very interesting movie which made us delve into our encyclopaedias to find out more about him.

Well, I have to hit the hay for now.
Got a busy couple of weeks.
I have a mental list of all I need to do which I should put into writing soon so I don’t forget anything.

One thought on “Another three days have passed….

  1. Love the “twin gear.”  I’ve heard that some children grow up to resent being dressed like their siblings — my children, on the other hand, go out of their way to be “samers”.  Fun stuff.  : )

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