Snow – part 2 – Shanni’s photos :-)

Everyone was so excited about the snow.
The 2 little ones have only ever seen snow flakes coming down in the rain just a few weeks ago after Bri’s 21st.
The have always wanted to go play in snow.

So Tim said he would take them up the hill to play in it.
They were all rushing around like fleas in a bottle getting dressed up warmly.
The girls managed to find their ski gloves and Azzan jumped out of the spa so quick that I don’t think he had time to cool down.
Nurse Charlotte phoned me for a chat just as all the noise and bustle was going on. I think she soon realised that life was going pretty much as crazily as normal over here!

Shanni took all these photos below and said I can share them with you now as long as I credit her for them – thanks Shanni
The snow began about half way up the Bush Road.
For all of you who know the road intimately – at the Big Slip.

I thought this was a pretty cool photo with the snow on the fronds of the trees.

Near the top of the road.

This shows how thick it was just below the cattle yards.

This is so impressive.
We have NEVER had snow like this before.

Looking southwest out along the road to town.

And northeast towards the cattle yards and airstrip.

Tim commented that the snow was so much lower along further.
Shanni didn’t quite capture it.
It was nearly at sea level below the airstrip.

The airstrip!

Time to make snowballs!!

Tim kept his windows firmly closed against the attack!

The trailer made a great slide.

Hali and her snowball.

Hali, Azzan & Constantin on the skidder boards.

Shanni bought this snowball home to show me.

Watch out Constantin!

I stayed back and enjoyed the peace and quiet and warmth.
Somehow snow does not really appeal to me.
I have vivid recollections of biking through slushy cold wet snow in Christchurch many years ago – yuck!
Instead I curled up by the fire and read my book – delicious

They were all wet and cold when they returned but mostly happy.
Azzan was not too impressed cuz Shanni had thrown a snowball at him.
I suggested that was what snow was all about.
Then I spotted a large contusion on his forehead.
He said that was where the snowball had hit him.
No wonder he wasn’t too happy about it.
Tim’s comment – ‘I guess it must have had some cow manure in that one’

Azzan & Hali warmed up in the spa which ended up in blows. Tired kids I guess.
They were remonstrated with and Azzan told to get out.
Shanni took his place and I gave him his dinner and read him stories.
When Azzan was saying grace before his meal he prayed that there would be more snow tonight so he could use the skis that he had seen up in the rafters of the topsheds and ski down the roof of our house!!!!

Tim & Constantin went down to shear a few sheep which Tim had been wanting to get done all day.
Dinner was cooking nicely in the slow cooker so with a pot of rice and some yummy delicious home grown organic carrots and frozen peas we finally enjoyed a satisfyingly nutritious dinner once Tim arrived back inside.

I have unearthed the sewing machine so hopefully tomorrow I will get a spot of mending done and shorten my new pants.
Then I can get onto the rest of the packing.

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