A cold week.

We have had a very very cold week – for here.
I know it is all relative and that there are a lot of you who have it a lot colder.
But you are prepared and it is normal for you.
Here is is totally abnormal for us to get snow and it is years and years since we have had it so cold in June like this.
We woke to thick frost on the wharf on Wednesday.
Tim said I needed to get a photo as it was so unusual.

I ventured out very quickly onto the deck to get the photo and found the deck was all frosted up too.

And down on the lawn the lawnmowers sheep were looking longingly at me as if to ask if they could come in by the fire – please!

Meanwhile, inside we kept warm with the fires blazing.
Shanni got some paper and card out and proceeded to entertain the others by making a swan mobile.

Mahalia had gone out for a bike ride, crazy girl, and had come to grief.
She slipped on the icy concrete and put a biggish hole into her new tights and grazed/bruised her knee.
She was more worried about her knee – my first thought, I must admit, was for the tights that I had not long bought
She sat up at the table for ages with an ice pack on her knee while they all made masks and crowns.

Azzan loved his scary mask.

Graham came to visit and was showing Nathan how to do Sudoku and Shanni crowned them both but they were so engrossed that they never even acknowledged them!

Shanni came inside excitedly with this large piece of ice she had found on her chicken’s water container.

It was rather impressively thick.

I was rumaging in the freezer later on for something and found it lying in the top – it is now in smaller pieces scattered through the lovely clean freezer that Nuana spent ages de-icing the other day!

Tim and the guys did some sheep killing on Wed arvo. Then Tim packed up and headed off into Nelson.
He didn’t want to tackle the icy roads in the early morning.

Thursday it was jolly freezing.
I was up at 5:30am and got the fires blazing and finished getting my art swaps packed up ready to post away.
Then began the porridge saga!
Nathan had prepared the porridge the nigtht before so I cooked it on the woodfire.
He forgot which pot he had made it in and saw Tim’s normal pot in the sink and presumed it had all been eaten so he had something else for breakfast.
Then Shanni came out and didn’t think anyone had made porridge so she cooked up another pot full.
Normally they are the only two to eat it with Tim.
So by the time I caught up with it there were two pots of porridge cooked.
So after Shanni had eaten I combined them both and reheated it for my breakfast.
Then Nathan came in and had seconds, but there was still plenty left over.
The chickens benefited from that!

Shanni and Constantin cleaned out the chicken house.
He also fixed the tyres on Mahalia’s bike and swept out the concrete areas.
I got the sewing machines out and waded through a large pile of mending.
Nuana walked around the The Croft with Azzan to clean it as we had some surprise guests turn up a couple of days ago.
The girls have been outside building a hut despite the cold weather. They pop out for a while and do stuff and then come in and get warm and find food. They have also been playing games on the computer and trying to watch some videos and dvds. It has been rather frustrating for them though as the dvd remote has been damaged and they cannot fast forward etc to watch the series and as it is going to cost $40 to replace I am not happy – a new dvd player complete with remote is only $60

I have also been spending a lot of time planning the route of our trip and sussing out accommodation and things to see and do.
It is all taking shape now and looking like it will be a lot of fun.
Unfortunately we will be hitting school holidays but that cannot be avoided now.
When we made the decision as to what dates to go we were not aware of them.

Tim arrived home in time for dinner.
He had a reasonable report from the otolaryngologist.
He could not account for the pain Tim has been experiencing but he couldn’t find any infection.
So that was good.
In the meantime I have been chatting with our health provider and have a regime of things for him to take and also for us to take as an arsenal of protection against any lurgies we might come across in our travels.
Tim also popped in to the hospice to visit our friend Don.
So glad he did, a special time

Tim had just hopped into bed at 10pm when I recieved a text from Seb asking if Dad could please come and tow him as he was stuck in snow about 20mins from home.
Apparently the road was icy all the way in from Rai Valley and still a lot of snow around.
He had gotten stuck on the hill and just couldn’t get any traction.
So Tim got up and went to rescue his boy.
When they got home Seb consumed all of his dinner plus another plate full and was still looking around for more. Once his belly was full he was happy and he toddled off to bed.

This morning Tim took Seb, Nuana & Constantin out to do mussel work.
It was sunny and relatively calm but still cold.
The children and I got busy in the kitchen and did a heap of food prep.
I also put through a heap of washing while busy in the kitchen.
I think Seb saves up all his dirty washing to bring home!!
Tim had a roast of mutton cooking away in the wood stove – a very good reason to keep the fire blazing all day
We did enough veges for 2 dinners and made lunch and Nathan made dessert.
It was a delicious Mocha Whip. He also made Lemon Sago – a favourite of ours which we all call Frogs Eggs.
Of course when I was serving it tonight the children were teasing Constantin about having Frogs Eggs and he was very very hesitant. He did have some but was quite nervous about it.
It took him a while to realise they were all joking

I was so tired by the time we had finished it all. I then spent some more time sussing acommodation etc on the net and making phone calls. I have been meeting some really lovely and helpful people during all this planning and finding out all sorts of new and interesting things.

The mailboat arrived this arvo and brought some more curricula for me to suss out for the children for next term. There wan’t too much mail today which was good. Sometimes it can take me all afternoon to sort it all out.
There was a wonderful surprise though. A box of goodies from Brooke & Max.
The children were all delighted to receive it and are now waiting to call them up for a chat. They so miss them.
Thanks heaps you guys.
I love the apron and the recipe book looks fun.

Well, it is the end of a cold week – it seems to have flown by so I cannot say it has been a long cold week.
But it feels like it.
Hopefully this cold snap will pass over soon.
Just had a quick look at the extended forecast and it is saying we will be haivng southerlies for another few days yet.

Oh well, I heading to my cosy bed now and will think about tomorrow tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “A cold week.

  1. “My first thought, I must admit, was for the tights…”  Ha.  Knees heal, tights don’t.Frogs eggs.  Hmm.  Sounds like tapioca.  *searches “sago”, discovers it is similar to tapioca*  When we make pearl tapioca pudding, we call it fish eggs.  (Naturally, we’d think fish first, ’cause my dad has a trout farm.  We rarely see frogs’ eggs.)

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