Weekending in the country……

Tim has been busy with a friend (Cat’s ex-boss)  over the past two days.
He and Noel have been getting the boat trailer ready to put Noel’s yacht on the beach so he can work on it.
They spent time Saturday doing that, Nathan has helped by climbing trees to cut away branches that were in the way. This morning Noel arrived bright and early with his yacht and Tim took the bulldozer around to pull the boat & trailer out of the water.

Shanni has more skinks in her skink farm and brought the biggest and smallest in to show us.
They both have names but I have forgotten them.
They were very quiet but as her hand and the room temperature warmed them up they became much more energetic and she had to do some quick catching!

We had a short Bible study today as Tim was late back and then visitors arrived.
But it was good – short and sweet
Tim was reading and talking about being aware of negative and ungodly influences and how they affect your spiritual life.

Noel’s wife and daughters drove around to pick him up at lunch time.
The children had a great time playing while Shania & Jewels were here.
They did a silly mask parade through the living room in amongst a heap of other silly giggly stuff

The girls have been playing a lot in the attic over past days with their Barbie and Kelly dolls.
It seems to be rather cyclical – they have seasons of Sylvania, Attic, Lego , playhouse etc.
At the moment it is the Attic where they hide despite the low temperatures up there.

I have been busy sewing for the past three days.
Got through a huge pile of mending etc. Then last night made two nighties for the girls that had been cut out for a while. Mahalia’s had horses on it and Shanni’s had chickens – surprise, surprise!!
They are pretty happy to have them completed.

I also made a fleece top for me but after making it I tried it on and then gave it away to Shanni – it didn’t do me justice at all. Loved the style but it didn’t love me

I called up Tim’s cousin in Brisbane for a chat before dinner – was great to hear how life is for them over there.
They think it is cold cuz it is only 16’C!!

We watched about half of ‘Australia’ tonight.
But as it was 11pm already we have turned it off and will watch part 2 tomorrow.
It is sposed to be a drama – and yes, it sort of is. But it is also very funny.

I am reading an interesting book at the moment
It is called Cola’s Journey.
A story of a Sudenese boy who was forcibly recruited into the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.
After two years he excaped and then began his long long trek which ended up in Australia 14 years later.
I am just up to where he is in so called army training.
Worth reading to open your eyes to what is going on in Africa

I am now off to bed to read a few more pages before today turns into tomorrow.

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