Busy busy busy….

Yesterday Tim and Constantin headed out to Clay Point to bulldoze a track.
Tim said that what he planned to do would make it easier to muster the sheep in future.
He came home after lunch time to get a  generator from Graham’s hut as the dozer had stalled.
Graham had headed out to Motueka for a few days to help a friend build her kitchen.
Tim didn’t get home till around 7pm.
It was dark and I was getting quite concerned.
But as per usual nothing was wrong, and he came in bright and cheery after a good day out on the hills, despite the frustrations of the dozer not going for a time.

Nuana cleaned the outside bathroom and wash house area in the morning.
Smells and looks lovely and fresh now
Then she and Mahalia got stuck into Hali’s bedroom after lunch.
I had realised in the morning that it was a total tip.
Hali had been stashing stuff under things and into boxes – no wonder she can never find clothes that I know she has!
It took a while but Nuana managed to get rid of several huge bags of rubbish.
It now looks very clean and tidy.

I have been tidying my study also.
Got rid of a heap of paper rubbish – continual paper  war goes on in here.
Drives me potty.
I file into various places and if after several months goes by and the paperwork hasn’t been dealt with it is either out of date or it doesn’t matter anyway so it gets binned!

I also spent most of the day getting my accounts up to date on the computer and all the important paper work filed so I can take it all out to the accountant on Monday.
It is time for gst and end of year accounts and I will be away when they are due to be filed.
So while I am away he is kindly going to do this months gst for me – oh how rapturous a feeling that is – no gst for me
The Great Escape!!

The bay was absolutely beautiful in the mid afternoon
The clouds were all layered and the bay was like a mill pond.

This morning there were three large dolphins cruising past my window.
I could look right down the steps from my office and see them.
It was magic.

Tim called the girls to come see but they were far too busy.
Shanni was wanting to give her birds a bit more protection from the cold and winds and I had suggested she could use the old bamboo blind that used to hang in the kitchen decades ago.
She decided today was a good day to hang it up so had Hali up on the roof holding it for her.

I cleaned out the book shelves in the office this morning and found a lot of school related books that I had been buying over past month. So they have been relocated to the school room.
I also keep a stash of books etc for bribary and corruption and for presents!
In amongst them was a chemistry box of things to do with Crystals.
Azzan swooped on it as soon as he poked his nose around the hall door.
 I think he has a nose for chemistry things.
He loves doing experiments.
He came into me the other morning -I was still in bed.
He asked me how I would feel about gong to Nelson everyday?
‘Well’, he said, ‘I want to go to science school and Nuana said I could go everyday if you will take me.’
Sure babe – I don’t mind driving 6 hours a day just for you!

Anyway, he got Nuana to help him with the instructions and when I caught up they were seeing what happens to the crystals in water

and lemonade

and then they made a crystal tree.

At midday –
‘Wow Mum! Look the crystals are beginning to grow already.’

Then 4 hours later –
It is so exciting when you actually can see a reaction and something has happened

Isn’t this just so super cool?

Shanni & Mahalia have tidied the Sylvanian’s and were having a birthday party for two for them this morning.

They have also been playing up in the attic with the Kelly’s and Barbie’s.
They are normally fairly quiet but at times it sounds like there are elephants up there!
At least they have gotten into the habit of shutting the trapdoor so the house heat doesn’t dissipate up there.
It is hard enough to heat the house without having to heat the attic too.

We have been on the final library book hunt.
I have finally finished reading ‘Cola’s Journey’ so if it can go back.
Incredible story – certainly opens your eyes to the plight of some of the war torn African children.
Nathan is frantically reading the last of his books.
Still cannot find a couple of them – bother it.
I was so hoping for a clean sweep before we go.

Shanni has been clearing out the creek by the tree house too and Azzan has re-found the tree house so there has been a bit of outside play oging on despite the rather cool weather.
It is still cold but not as cold as it was a few days ago.
Shanni & I are heading into Nelson tomorrow.
We will drop her baby into some friends who are going to look after it while we are away.
She is not terribly happy about leaving Poppi bit at least he will be in good hands.
I am going to hear Chuck Missler tomorrow night.
Didn’t think I was going as the tickets had all sold out but then a friend couldn’t go so he offered his to me just yesterday – thanks Herbie – love you

I have begun packing my clothes.
Well, I have them all in piles on my bed so I guess I realy should go pack them before it gets to be bed time and Tim chucks them off on to the floor!!

Please pray for my trip to town tomorrow – the roads are apparently very icy all the way –
I do not like ice

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