A day at Southbank




Bethel navigated us into the city on Monday morning.

That made life so much less stressful and Tim commented that she was a brilliant co-pilot.

We got to Southbank in good time so went shopping at the tourist shops.

One was having a big sale so we had fun there.

Tim finally got his hat so he was happy – esp as it was discounted.

Then Annette arrived so we went to a nearby cafe for a drink.

But Shanni & Nathan decided they wanted food.

So they ended up having another breakfast.

morning tea at southbank

Bethel & Annette and I stayed at the cafe and chatted a while after Tim took the children down to the museum.

bethel & annette

Therre were some ibis hanging about and as soon as the patrons at a nearby table left they swooped on their plates and were soon scrapping over the scraps!!

ibis attack

nicking bacon

We wandered along to the boardwalk after a whiole.

By this time I was hungry as I never ate earlier.

So I got lunch there.

Then it was soon 1pm and Annette had to leave.

Tim’s nephew Calum arrived to spend the rest of the day with us so we sat and talked while the 3 children played in the fountain area & went swimming.


guy talk

fountain play

fountain play2

southbank pool

The sand oasis was perfect as the water was quite cool and the sun was very warm over in that corner so Azzan & Hali spent a long time there with a wee girl they met from Scotland.

pool oasis

We watched them from the deck of another cafe and had lunch together.

Then it was getting later in the day so we got them dressed and fed and started walking down tothe modern art gallery.

On the way we walked through the rain forest walk – it was so lovely in amongst the trees.

Then past the Peace Pagoda.

peace pagoda

Tim & Calum just ambled along chatting about who knows what.

calum & tim ambling

We were conscious of the time and wanted to get there to see this exhibit.

It was very impressive.

art exhibit

oops! don't touch!

I thought this painting was also rather provocative.

kangaroo warriors

It was all to soon 5pm and we had to leave so we walked back along the street this time.

Shanni was very very tired and had a sore tail bone from an earlier fall so she was not coping too well with all the walking.

We found this cicada/cricket in the garden by the museum – it was very beautiful in the late afternoon light.


giant insect

We saw Calum across the road to the train station and then headed back ot the car park.

calum & Tim


weary walkers

We walked past the Brisnbane Wheel.

brisbane wheel

And back along the bouganviullia walkways.

They are so beautiful.

bouganvillia walkway

southbank walkway

We stopped to get a NZ smoothies each as we were all rather famished.

Southbank was just becoming to come alive for the evening so it was very tempting to stay awhile.

But we had weary wee folk so loaded them in to our trusty steed and headed back home.

Ron had the dinner cooking and the washing done so it was very pleasant to come back to.

It was a very pleasant day.

Despite being in the centre of the city it was all very relaed and laid back and most enjoyable.



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