A weekend at Scarborough

Golda & Albert greeted us at Scarborough.

Tim & Golda chatted on the front balcvony while Albert & Nathan taxied Suzie from one girlfriends place to another.

Then we had dinner.

tim & golda

Rosina, George & Hosea arrived just as we were finishing.

After dinner Rosina took their 2 wee dogs and our 3 youngest for a night walk along the beach.

They found the play ground and loved having it all to themselves in tyhe dark.

The rest of us watched the All Blacks thrash the Wallabies in the Tri Nations rugby – 22-16.

Of cvourse when the walkers arrived back they were all starving so we toasted up the crumpets we had bought for breakfast whilst enjoying a riotous evening togeether.


Nest morning George bought the girls back a papaya to try.

Shanni wasn’t too sure about it!


After breakfast Rosina & I took the kids and dogs gfor a walk along the beach.

The children found the huge cottonwood tree they had enjoyed the night before.

It was still pretty cool.

huge cottonwood tree

Azzan found a very comfy limb to recline in.

comfy branch

Then they spent ages building sand castles while we chatted.

sand play

Mahalia loved the wee dogs but found two on a lead quite a challenge.

walking dogs

This is the wonderful 1830’s house that Rosina & George have found to rent.

I certainly hope that when they buy they are able to find something in just as great a situation.

george & rosina's house

George & Shanni


Nathan & Hosea got to know each other a bit over the computer.

Nathan & Hosea

After we returned the children wanted to go kayaking so the guys got the kayaks etc out and toted them down to the beach.

Tim and the two boys went walking and talking to the boulder bank whilst waiting for the kids to get sorted.


Nate, Tim & Hosea

It was a great day out.

Some people and quite a few boats but it still felt like we had the beach to ourselves.

scarborough beach

Azzan found the waves a bit of a challenge to paddle in so Shanni helped him.

men talk  


kids in kayaks



Shanni & Azzan

Azzan loved the warm sand


Time to take everything back up again.

return kayak journey

Then they had to be hosed off as the sand had infiltrated everything.

washing off sand

That caused a lot of fun and laughter as the squirting water tickled them!

washing off

We had to leave in the afternoon to head south.

Azzan had Rosina firmly wrapped round his wee finger by this time so they had to have big cuddles before we left.

rosina & azzan

Tim with his cousins – Rosina, Golda and Albert.

rosina golda albert & tim

And all of us.

By this time George’s sister Gabrielle and her husband had arrived enroute to the airport.

extended family

We left soon after 4pm.

Stocked up with a bit of foodas we went through Redcliffs.

Just as well we did cuz we got stuck in traffic on the new Gateway Highway.

It took us an hour to get from Redcliffs to the north side of the Brisbane River.

So much for the new and super efficient motorway!

I was so glad we had the dvd player cuz Azzan & Mahalia werte able to watch The Wizard of Oz while we crawled along.

We finally arrived at Bethel & Ron’s in Bethania, south Brisbane about 6:30pm.

It was so good to get here and Bethel had a big pot of delicious soup on to feed us.



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