My day with the Paper Princesses and our farewell to Toowoomba


Judy & I were up early and left the house at 7am.

We had a 2.5hour drive to get to Marilena’s house in Samford Valley where the 7 Paper Princesses were having their 3-monthly get-together.

We all arrived around 9:30-10am.

Enjoyed morning tea together whiles chatting and sharing treasure each had bought for the others.

Then it was lunch time.

What a spread.

Each lady contributes their speciality so it was a very tasty and filling lunch.


Then we gathered in the lounge and Marlene & Kasha were given their birthday art pieces that each of the other ladies had made for them.

opening b'day pressies

These are Kasha’s wonderful blocks of wood which have been transformed by mixed media artists into these fantastic works of art.

Kasha & her b'day blocks

Then the ladies had to blow out their candles.

b'day girls

Kasha & Marlene



We left about 3pm and made our way through the building city traffic to Calligraphic Arts and found Renate there.

She has a wonderful shop with all sorts of treasures tucked away in little rooms of the house/shop.

By the time we left it was after 5pm so we called ahead to let Nathan know we would be late.

Tim & Kurt were still down the hill cutting privit.


We walked in the door and found this wonderful baboushka town that the children had created.

Azzan just loves these dolls and spent hours playing with all of Judy’s.

She has so many that he and the girls had enough to share!

russian doll village

Nathan had made a delicious dinner.

We had a great time – it was our last supper together.

Then Murray arrived – he is a friend fromback home, who I had only just found out the night before, had moved with his family to Toowoomba. I managed to locate him but  his wife and family had left that day for a holiday on the Gold Coast so missed catching up with them.

It was great to see him and exchange all the family news.

Tim & Kurt usually spent time together in and over the kitchen sink.

tim & kurt in sink



I was up and getting the packing begun early on Saturday morning.

Kurt had to leave at 8am as he had an all day art class.

Kurt Judy & kids

I was through the washing and into packing when Judy offered to take Nate and I into town to do some last minute shopping.

So we zipped away for an hour and came back 3 hours later.

Tim had begun loading the car so everything basically got thrown in will nilly.

We had a quick lunch and then loaded all the children in.

Nathan wandered out the front door just as I took this photo..

kurt & Judy's house

but there was no Tim to be seen.

So I went looking and found him and Judy leaning over the balcony deep in conversation admiring all the work the guys had down the day before.

Tim & Judy


We managed to pry time away and into the car and headed off to Brisbane.

Judy had printed out google instructions for me.

But, an hour or two down the track we realised we had missed a turn off on the motorway and were actually heading into the mid city.

So we stopped at a Moorooka service station and bought a map and asked directions.

Once I could see where we had to go it all became so much clearer.

We finally got to Scarborough in the late afternoon – only half an hour later than planned.


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