Our days at Toowoomba were spent chilling out and generally recovering from a few busy weeks.


I took the kids shopping – had to find Mahalia an outfit for Jesika’s b’day party. Finally found everythiung at Pumpkin Patch – crazy to come to Australia to shop at a Kiwi shop! But everything was on sale at half price so we did very well and Hali was especially happy cuz she found some black boots – she had been hankering for some since Shanni got hers!

We also got some clothes for all at Rivers sale. Got Boost juice and came back home.

Azzan loved to set the table for Judy. He was so careful to put the salt and pepper on without spilling and then would arrange every candle he could find on the table.Azzan setting table

He also spent a lot of time building with the magnets.

Azzan with magnets

We took the children to Picnic Park in the evening before dinner.

It was beautiful there but jolly cold.

Tim & I were glad of our coats but the kids were running around so much they hardly felt it.

There is a waterfall area there on the top of the hill – man made of course.

But because of the drought they have turned it off.

It still made a delightful place to play and imaginations ran wild.

Elephant Ears

Azzan was sure he would find dinosaurs in there!!

dinosaur territory

wheres the waterfall gone

 can't get down Mum!

The trees were brilliant to climb – Azzan found it a bit tricky getting out of this one though! 

fantastic trees

Climbing tree

up a tree

Where’s the waterfall gone?

waterfall wall  

This wonderful creation is called a Pedal Power.
The kids LOVED it.

pedal power

The view from Picnic Point was amazing.

This is looking eastwards.

The traffic from Brisbane flows along down in the valleys below and then climbs a very steep hill up the side of the mountain.

Picnic Park lookout

Sunset through the park trees.

Picnic Point sunset

I spent the afternoon making phone calls and organising the coming week.



I caught up on washing.

Spent a fairly cruisy morning with Judy.

Got Nate some clothes at Rivers sale – jeans actually were way cheaper than marked when we went through checkout – $20 a pair – good buy.

Tim & Kurt did some planning and talking and made a start on pruning privit and lantana down their hillside.

They have quite a wonderful wilderness down there – parts of which they have never seen as it is so overgrown.

They are just plodding away pruning and pathing as they can.

But Kurt has a majorly painful back so it is rather agonising for him.

So Tim wanted to do what he could to help.

It was bitterly cold though so they weren’t down there too long.

I took Tim to town in the late arvo to get him some jeans.

I actually had several other things I wanted to do but by the time he had tried on a few pairs and some shirts and boots the day was gone.

Dropped the girls colouring in competitions to the National Geographic shop, got Boost juice for everyone and headed back home.

The children were happy just to stay back and blob.

They painted, played with play dough, watched a movie.









2 thoughts on “Toowoomba

  1. Sorry we dont have any trees like that for the kids to climb on. We have a nice park though, which reminds me we have to christen the brand new bbq they put up in the park for us hee hee. Tim and Michael have a job

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