Adventure Parc on Mt Tamborine

We left Bethania about 9am and headed south to Mt Tamborine.
It was so cool to realise we were so close to the countryside.
After the past days in the concrete jungle we all breathed deep sighs of relief.
It was a lovely drive out through Beenleigh and up the mountian.
We eventually found our way to Thunderbird Parc and had a wee cruise around looking to see what was there.
A lovely camping area and Thunderegg mining.
Also a horse trekking place which unfortunately was totally booked out so Mahalia didn’t get to go.

We made our way to Adventure Parc and signed in and got measured up to see who could do what course.
Azzan was just tall enough but was pretty keen to do the mining instead so he and Tim went over to suss it out.
They got back just as we were watching the safety movie.
When he saw what we were about to do he decided he really would love to do it too.
He had thought that we were just going to be climbing some mountain!!
The lady quickly got him into his overalls.
We all had two safety carabinas and a pulley to attach to the ropes and also gloves and a water bottle.
Then we were all ready to go

I thought that I would have to go slowly around the course to help Azzan.
Shanni offered to stay back and help him along too.
Nathan & Mahalia took off and we never saw them for a couple of hours.

Azzan was right into it and really did well.
He struggled with the carabinas but perseverence was the name of the game and he was so determined.

We each had 2 carabinas of which one had to be connected to the wire ropes at all times.
They were quite tricky as they had a safety twist to them and I really struggled with it so give major credit to Azzan as he managed them with his little hands.
There was also a pulley attached to each of us for when we used certain flying foxes.
We also had to use gloves at those times too.
Each activity was signed with simple but explicit instructions and we had a guide watching us at all times.

The ropes and ladders etc got higher and more complicated as we went along.

Tim spent the day on the ground being the papparazzi.

Azzan on the flying fox.

This was Azzan’s last ladded down – I found it tricky so was very impressed that he did it all by himself.

We all finished the red and green courses and met up at the bottom.
Mahalia & Nathan had already done the black course.
Azzan was annoyed as he wasn’t big enough to do the black course so as far as he was concerned his day was finished
The other three were literally flying around the course many times while I pottered along at my own pace.


I was doing well until I got to this one below.
I had to grab a rope and leap out over an abyss and swing to the net and grab it and then climb across to the platform.
I just could not take that leap
Tim reckoned the camera battery was going flat while he waited for me to jump.
I finally did and it was so scarey.

But then I had to do the next thing and it was the worst one of all.
I managed to finish it and then looked ahead to where Shanni was swinging across hanging stirrups and decided that I had had enough.
So I took the next flying fox to the ground.

After we had all finished we passed in our harnesses and then we were allowed out on the Sensations part of the course.
It was just as challenging but a heap of fun.

We were entertained by kookaburras while we ate our lunch.

I was talking to the French woman who owns the Parc along with her Australian husband and commented to her that I hadn’t managed to finish the black course – I still had 3 things left to do.
She said I had done really well as most folk do not get even as far as I did.
So I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself 

Mind you for the next few days after my arms were covered in bruises and my stomach muscles were so sore!!
But it was fun
I would do it again tomorrow

part 2 of our day coming next…..

4 thoughts on “Adventure Parc on Mt Tamborine

  1. Hooray for Tim the photographer!  Even I, lover of photojournalism, would have a hard time sitting out on that kind of fun /adventure just for the sake of pictures, but I’m glad he did.You knew the kiwi bird song… maybe you know the kookaburra song?  “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he; Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra, gay your life must be.”  ??  Do they sing that one in NZ / Australia? or is it just another song to make US kids familiar with your part of the world?

  2. @KirbysWyfe - Just checked and found that the song was actually written by a Melbourne woman in the 1920’s. So it is definitely Australian – as I thought it should be!! have been brought up with all sorts of alternative words – the main ones that the kids sing would be“Kookaburra sits on the electric wire, Jumping up and down with his pants on fire, Ouch, Kookaburra, ouch, kookaburra, Hot your tail must be”           But there are many other versionshave a look here for a giggle - the way – Tim had absolutely no desire to be hanging around in the air on high wires – he was quite glad to have camera duty laid on him

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