Lazy day in Brisbane


We spent an enjoyable lazy morning at Bethel’s doing not a lot.
Then cousin Mary called up and offered to take us shopping in her wee car in the arvo.
Shanni & Mahalia didn’t want to go so they stayed back on the promise of being good for Bethel.
When Mary arrived we were just finishing lunch so we chatted a while and then Tim, Nathan & Azzan squeezed into the back of her ‘bubble’ 

and I hopped into the front seat and we zoomed off to find Ikea. We wandered around looking and getting ideas for kitchens etc. Didn’t intend to buy anything but somehow came out through the checkout with a large bag of interesting goodies.
We had time to quickly look for shoes for Azzan. So Mary took us to KMart. Azzan had been wanting to get shoes with buckles but so far had been none to be found. He quickly eliminated the lace up sneakers and velcro shoes. They had spider man on them and ‘Idon’t like Spider man’!
So we moved on to another aisle and he found a pair of black lace up leather shoes which he immediately fell for. He tried them on and made an instant decision that they were just what he wanted – cuz they are what the people wore in the old days and I like old times things.’
Mary was chuckling over this as her g’daughter has to wear this type of shoe for school and is totally unimpressed about it!!
We found some sale shirts which I bought for my big boys and then had time to 
rip through the supermarket to stock up on supplies. Then just before we left Mary introduced me to a wonderful coffee shop called Zarraffa’s. They make frappacinos to die for.
By this time it was dark and past time to be home. So we zipped back to Bethel’s and unloaded our plunder. We quickly made Banana Caramel for dessert. It was delicious.
The girls had been having a great time with Bethel’s jewellery collection. ‘She has MILLIONS of earrings!!’
So they were quite happy they hadn’t come shopping with us.

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