Well, I landed back running and now I have collapsed.

Monday, I turned my back on the 5 baskets of washing and we got straight into the school room.
We had a good sweep and clean out and then I read them a story I had picked up in Australia.
It’s a children’s picture book called ‘Are we there yet?
I was fascinated because even Nathan sat there listening attentively throughout the whole story.
Azzan was disappointed that we hadn’t been to some of the places the children in the book had been to.
As if 6300kms wasn’t far enough to travel in the 6 weeks!
I pointed out that we had to leave some places for next time

Then I began working with each child dragging photos from the 1774 I had taken and the 439 of Shanni’s.
I worked with each of the three youngest on their own over two days – letting them choose which photos they wanted to add to their journals. I cropped and altered the picture sizes to fit onto A4 photo paper – pringted them and then they cut them out and added them to their journals.
It is actually very, very time consuming and a major job for me amd after a while I was getting pretty sick of sitting in front of the computer.
I thought Nathan would be able to do his alone as he is quite computer savvy.
But when I caught up with him a few hours later I was rather dismayed to see how he had gone about it.
I was trying to be systematic and organise the photos chronologically – whereas he had just grabbed a few from anywhere that appealed to him and that was it
So I showed him what I was wanting in the hopes he would be a bit more productive with his time.

It is going to take a while but I want to keep a bit of momentum going so they will get their journals finished – I know what it is like to have things hanging – it gets very tedious and boring.

Tuesday morning we woke to this view.
Can’t say I saw anything to better it while away!

I am so enjoying being home and having my spa to soak in during the waking and closing of each day

I managed to fold all the washing and get it put away.
Shanni helped me but wasn’t too keen on the idea.
I was insisting on it all being folded properly & orderly and not in the haphazard fashion that was happening.
The other 3 were being designated other jobs to help clean floors and benches etc.
Funnily enough the more I get annoyed with Shanni the busier and more eager to please Mahalia gets
Shanni is normally really great – I should’ve realised that something was amiss.

Tim has been pottering about getting back into things again.
The wood stove was in pieces all over the kitchen – he has thankfully tidied that all up and it is now awaiting for Graham’s return to help fix it.
He and Nathan are hell bent on decimating some pigs which are digging up the back paddocks.
So they had to sight in the rifle yesterday.
Right outside my window on the deck of all places!

They have been out each evening now and have seen the pigs but have not been succesful yet.
The wind was blowing the wrong direction first – they are going to try again tonight.

Tuesday I was expecting a wwofer to arrive.
We have been communicating by email for a few weeks now.
He was hitch-hiking in after getting a ride to French Pass on Monday.
Later in the arvo there was a knock on the door and a young lady was standing on the doorstep saying ‘I’m Dasha’!
I said -‘I thought you were a guy’!!!
She also had been mistaken about me too – didn’t know my name and thought I was a guy.
So we had a good laugh
I was so greatful that ‘he’ had turned out to be ‘she’ – I have plenty for her to do around here!

Azzan had been wanting to watch ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ all day, and I had been putting him off cuz I wanted to watch it with him. I only saw a wee bit off it last time.
So we all watched it while waiting for the pig hunters to return.
It is rated PG because it is supposed to be scary.
But as Azzan said – ‘It is too silly and unreal for it to be scary‘!
And now I have seen it and laughed my way through it – I have to agree!!

I woke Wednesday morning after a very sleep disturbed night, feeling very yuck.
My head and body were aching.
I wallowed in the spa pool – it was nice in there but I still wasn’t feeling any better after that or a shower.
Shanni was not at all well either.
She tried to do some school work but was flagging fast.
She was very pale, with a sore throat and feeling cold.
So I popped her into bed mid-morning for a sleep.
I gave up on school and made kiwifruit, apple & chocolate chip muffins with Azzan.
They were delicious.
Had some and then I took myself off to bed for a nana nap.

Then when I woke up Azzan was not feeling very bright either.
He took himself off to my bed and slept for ages.

Dasha is from Czech Reb and is very bright and chatty and helpful.
She cleaned the Cotttage for me and then helped with dinner prep etc.

Today she has been busy cleaning around here – lots of sweeping and de-spider webbing etc.
I am so glad to have her here to help get the place feeling clean and happy again.

I have really been struggling to keep warm over the past few days – we have had a southerly blow through and the fire just has not been keeping the living area warm enough for me.
I was sitting right in front of the fire last night with Azzan.
He asked me – ‘Is there more people in the world than atoms?’
I told him that we were all made up of atoms so there was heaps more atoms than people.
He replied ‘That’s right, it is all just matter isn’t it?’
I asked how did he know about matter and atoms?
He said ‘Because I’m clever.
No flies on that boy eh??

Today we actually did some other school work.
Reading and math etc.
The kids really responded positively to doing it which was good.
I did a few more photos with some of them too.
I have been working away at clearing the backlog of mail and emails all week.
I think I am making progress – although my study is still looking like a bombshell has hit it.

I have to hop off here now cuz Shanni wants to check her emails.
It is a bit hard at the mo with only one computer.
Tim & I do not like this computer being used by others as it has all our business stuff on it and I am sunk without it.
So I am on the lookout for a replacement one for the living room or a new one for me – which will it be I wonder??

I know what I would like – says she as she dreams on……….


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