We have been home exactly a week!!

Thankfully the weather has begun to warm up a bit.
I have found the past few days so cold that I just couldn’t function properly.
But now it is warming up I am beginning to thaw and get enthusiastic about things again.

We didn’t do a lot on Friday re school work.
Shanni is still in recovery so I am not pushing her.
Nathan is doing some on his own and the other two have done quite a lot of educational play and computer work.
Azzan is really enjoying copying words from books and gets so excited when we can read what he has written.
Shanni has been able to do her aviary work but did delegate her chickens to Mahalia – so she must’ve been sick   – she is usually very possessive about all her birds.

I have been doing a lot of planning and scheming since I got home.
Tim’s 60th birthday is one – am planning a bbq party on the 19th Sept – but haven’t informed him about it yet!! Have been trying to spread the word to all far and wide – if any of you want to come then please let me know

I have now committed myself to going to Nelson most Tuesdays.
I have found a piano teacher so they are all going to take lessons.
Last night I managed to get horse riding lessons for Mahalia – she is going to be over the moon when I tell her
I still have to sort out dance classes for the boys – not too sure if that will fit into the day or not.
Have to wait until this coming week to suss that one.
Am thinking also that swimming could slot in there somewhere as we approach the summer.
I have gotten the older children swimming lessons when they were young but these four have missed out so far.

Saturday was  a beautiful sunny day.
We have managed to get washing out on clothes line for a few days now which is wonderful.
Also have been able to have the doors open to let fresh air in – so nice.

Shanni & Dasha have been working away in the vege garden for the past couple of days.
Dasha has done most of it.
Shanni just works as much as her energy levels will allow.
Graham began the spring planting before we got home so Shanni is now all enthusiastic to get more seeds and plants in the ground.

I have delegated Nathan to resurrecting a rabbit cage from several old ones as Azzan has a rabbit arriving soon.
He doesn’t know it yet – big surprise for him

Mahalia cleaned the bathroom.
She is a brilliant wee cleaner – does a great job.
Here she is nearing the end of it – she even washing all the shampoo containers et al !!

I asked Azzan to wash the breakfast dishes.
He normally dries them.
He said he couldn’t wash them cuz Mahalia tells him that he doesn’t do it properly.
That’s the problem with big sisters
So I told him that there was no one around, only him and me and I was sure he could do a brilliant job if he tried.
So I washed a couple of the big pots and got them out of his way, added hot water and detergent to the sink and left him too it.
When I came back ages later he had done them all but there was a LOT of detergent gone from the bottle and the dishes were very very soapy.
He had washed them all by himself and the floor was not flooded – so great progress made!

I made toasties for lunch so everyone took them and their soup out onto the deck as it was so sunny.

Tim has been out fencing and just generaly doing land based farm activities while he can before the mussel harvesting begins again.
Dasha has spent her afternoons kayaking and walking.
I have been trying to get my office under control, taking a while!

We roasted huge garlic potato wedges for dinner and had them with beef casserole and beans.
They were delicious.

Every night since we arrived home the children have loaded the table with candles.
Tonight Mahalia set the table and Azzan found even more candles.
They were arranged with great particularity!!
Which caused a bit of grief when Nathan insisted on moving them around, even ever so slightly.
Azzan is such a perfectionist and was most unhappy at having his decorations moved.

And with the flash – it doesn’t seem quite so romantic does it?
Only trouble with candles is that they drip wax and wax is so fun to play with and get everywhere

Mahalia wanted to make dessert so she and Dasha made cupcakes before dinner.
Then after our main course they iced them.

I was feeling really tired and blobby after dinner so was in bed by 8:30pm.
One by one the kids came in to kiss me good night – a bit of role reversal.
Tim was having a bit of trouble getting them all rounded up and into bed.
They all seemed to be busy

I had dozed off when the phone woke me at 9:30pm.
It was finally the lady from the horse riding school – we had been playing phone tag all day.
She was so helpful and really wanted to work around us seeing as we are travelling so far.
So that was a pleasant note to go back to sleep on.

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