Town and after…..

I have just spent the past half an hour writing this entry and I just lost it all
so, due to the fact that I am really tired and my eyes are barely staying open this is going to be very abridged!

The children and I headed to Nelson yesterday morning.
We left before 6am so had a good start on the day.

We got a few things done and then went to Richmond for their first piano lessons with Nick.
Mahalia went first as she was going horse riding straight after.

However, the weather was against her and her lesson had to be canceled.
She was very disappointed but we have rescheduled for next week.

Sasha came to see us there, so we chatted down the back of the hall.
Nice to catch up with her and get the cd of family photos taken in Melbourne.

Azzan was next up – he was very chirpy and enjoyed his lesson.

He told me later that he thought it would be hard but it was easy peasy.

While Shanni had her lesson I zipped down the road to pick up Azzan’s new rabbit.
I hadn’t told him so it was a big surprise.
When he saw it he just giggled and giggled.
So we fitted it’s cage into the truck and headed back to the hall.

Nathan was into his lesson so we sat down the back and waited for him.

I used my invasive telephoto lens to get involved in their lessons

By the time they were all finished they were complaining of hunger.
So we went over to the mall and got sushi for lunch.
Seb met us there and took Nathan with him to suss out the movies.

I took the other 3 and went to the windscreen repair shop.
I swapped the truck for a wee Honda City.
I dropped the kids off at Chipmunks and then zipped around doing some jobs.
Met up with the boys at Briscoes.
Seb was moving into a flat and had just bought a 2nd hand queen sized bed.
He needed bedding for it.
We found everything he needed at Briscoes on sale – he got some really good bargains.

I dropped Nathan at the movies – he saw GI Joe.
Then it was time to have my blood test and take Shanni to the Dr.
She took a throat swab.
We will find out tomorrow if it is viral or bacterial.
She gave us antibiotics to bring home just in case.

I picked up Azzan & Mahalia, got the truck back with a nice new windscreen.
We zipped through the supermarket before meeting Nathan at the video hire shop.

Didn’t leave town till 6:30pm so it was a long day.
We had a wet foggy drive home.
But got back before the worst of it came through.
Not too long afterwards a humdinger of a lightening storm hit.

We woke this morning to no phone.
Some trees had fallen across the lines just up the hill.
It was fixed by mid afternoon.
The day was very very windy with willy-whirls zooming across the bay most of the day.
Quite spectacular.

Tim finished off the rabbit cage and then spent the rest of the day working on the motor bike.

The rabbit spent all morning exploring the living room.
He is a 4 year old mini lop and a bit fiesty as he hasn’t been handled much lately – it took Azzan a wee while to be confident with him.

I did some school work with the children this morning.
Mahalia seems to be coming down with something similar to Shanni.
I managed to convince her to go back to bed for a sleep.

I had my lunch in the sun in my craft corner and dozed off in my chair.
I wanted to go to bed but also wanted to talk to the Telecom technician about the phone lines and by the time he arrived it was too late.
Jura arrived before dinner.
He is also from Czech Rep.
So he and Dasha had a lot of talk about – in English

Dasha & I made a yummy self saucing berry pudding for dinner.
It was delicious.


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