I was jolted awake at 2am by an earthquake.
Magnitude 5.2
It was a good jolt, but I never felt the 2nd aftershock of magnitude 4.3 at 4am.

Tim & Yura went out to do some mussel work.
Dasha was getting a ride out with our neighbours Matt & Aaron, so I zipped her up the hill at 11:30am to meet them.
It was blowing so hard up there.
We barely had time to say a proper goodbye cuz the wind was just way too strong and we had to run between vehicles.

The mailboat arrived and the afternoon was spent just doing mail and getting dinner etc.
The kids did some school work.
I did some craft work and cooked dinner.

Tim & Yura spent the morning cleaning out the septic tank & grey water system.
There has been a problem for a while so hopefully Tim has managed to solve it now.
Jonathan from Malaysia arrived so after he had unpacked he and Jura did some water blasting.

Jura stayed on and cleaned the clearlight on the verandah roof
While Tim & Jonathan went up the hill to cut up the fallen trees.
Unfortunately they are over the bank so it is not worth while retrieving them for firewood.

Noel came around to work on his yacht and brought his daughter Shania to play with the girls.
They played in the Lego and when I reminded them that it was a beautiful day they all scarpered outside for a while.

Nathan cooked dinner.
Mutton chops, potatoes, creamed corn and stir fry veges.

We had a bit of an interesting night.
Without going into it – lets just say there was  battle of wills between a 13 yr old and a 52 year old


We woke to a reasonably calm day but the day was forecast to worsen.

Azzan & Shanni got out some mask and craft kits I had bought at Spotlight’s sale.
So they had the table covered in newspaper, glue and collage bits for most of the morning.
Don’t the masks look great

Tim made porridge around them and then Shanni made pancakes.
So breakfast extended from 8am to midday!

We had fellowship and then ate lunch in the mid afternoon!
Azzan has been wanting me to get his electronic alphabet game going.
Some of the letters would not work.
I passed the buck to the two IT guys.
So they pulled it to pieces and discovered that inside two of the main peices were broken.

So I said to chuck it away!
Azzan swooped on it with glee and proceeded to demolish it screw by screw.
‘Let’s see what inside here?’
‘I’m saving these screws for Daddy.’

The weather has worsened.
It is now pouring with rain and blowing and cold.
A good day to be tucked up inside by the fire – which is where I am going very soon.
It is too darned cold here in my study – brrrrr.

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