Finding my mojo…

Because I haven’t been sleeping terribly well.
Waking early etc.
I have been getting up early and trying to recover a bit of my mojo.
It has taken a while but I have enjoyed tinkering away.
I needed to make some engagement/wedding cards as there is a flood of them happening in the next few months and I like to have cards on hand so I am not stressing at the last minute.

This is just a few of what I have made.
Thought I would share some so you can see what I get up to in my spare time.

I asked Tim today if he would like to see what I had been doing.
So he dutifully said yes and proceeded to eye them all up one by one without too much comment.
Then he saw this one and asked what the straw things were for?
He couldn’t quite get the grasp of
‘That’s art Tim – you know? – balance and technique etc ‘!! 

He did admit that he was impressed at how I could take little bits of paper etc and make something creative out of them.
I had showed him how I used the corrugated card from around my skin care bottles, and chocolate liners etc as backgrounds.
I don’t throw anything away
Even the lovely wrapping paper from Starbucks – now that is just the best for backgrounds
See if you can find where I have used it??

2 thoughts on “Finding my mojo…

  1. Ohhh Raewyn, men are the same the world over me t’inks… a tad unkooth when it comes to our beautiful creative ArtWork…what is ‘it’ that they don’t understand??? ha ha…to us it’s as plain as the nose on your face…

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment.  It has been an interesting few years for our family with many, many difficult situations to overcome.  I has been hard for me to tap back into the softer, more creative sides of me.  I have been in survivor mode for so long now that I just need to gently transition back into the other parts of me.  Hopefully this will be a step back into that.I do love the cards you are making.  I have a friend locally who makes them.Blessings,  Karen

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