Thursday in the kitchen

On Thursday
I gave Dasha the choice of cooking or gardening.
She chose to cook.
Azzan’s ears pricked up and he asked excitedly if I had gotten some condensed milk in town.
Yes, I did.
So he found his recipe book for the pink mice and he and Dasha made those first.

They are actually very yummy – very sweet – mmmm

Then Dasha made a chocolate pumpkin cake and she and Shanni made chocolate biscuits.

After lunch Tim and Jura went out to cut up fallen trees.
It was Dasha’s last day so I suggested she went for a walk.
She walked around the track to Waterfall Bay, up the road to the top and back down our road.
It was incredibly windy but good training for her Wangapeka tramp she is planning.

Shanni & Hali have been spending a lot of time cleaning up their Lego area this week.
When Seb comes home to get all of his things and his room is vacated I have told the girls they can use the floor space in there to spread the Lego out – that way I might get some more space in my school room!!

Nathan & Dasha were up to hi-jinks over dinner dishes.

We have been doing some school work at the kitchen table.
And the children have been doing some piano practice.
Not as much as I would like but at least some is better than nothing.

Azzan asked if we knew what an Australian Haka was like?
So he broke out into a demo –
Haka actions whilst singing/yelling Walzing Matilda!!

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