Saturday was pretty cruisy cuz the guys hadn’t had a lot of sleep.
Yari had forgotten to get his sleeping bag so wasn’t terriby comfortable.
Nathan tried to warm him up by covering him with a half bale of wool!!

Tim bought the boat in and around 11ish most of the crew had loaded up and they headed off for a days fishing and scalloping.
Chrissy and I stayed put with the 3 youngest.

Alan & Mike arrived in around lunch time with Tom – our UK wwoofer.
They had lunch with us and then went around to the campsite to do some work and then over to Waterfall Bay to stay for the weekend. Tom walked back around the track and got back in time to greet the fishermen.

Chrissy helped me sort out a heap of Azzan’s junk in the hall.
Then she took the kids walking so I curled up on Azzan’s bed in the sun for a sleep.
I was pretty whacked.
I slept till 5pm then felt refreshed enough to tackle making the asked for ‘very large light and fluffy carrot cake’!
Chrissy had bought Baking Soda for me so this time there were no hiccoughs!

I made a salad and put on a large pot of brown rice.
The fisher folk eventually came home.
They had eaten up large on the boat so they were all very full of fresh fish and scallops already.
I cooked up a few more pans for us and we all had another b’day celebration dinner for Nathan.
Chrissy made a trifle and we had that with cake and ice cream.
Deliciously simple.

We all of a sudden realised there was an over abundance of males around the table!!
(In fact over the weekend there were 4 females and 17 males on the property!)

Shanni was the lone brave female in their midst!!

Of course, Nathan & Anson were at it again.
They cannot help themselves

Nathan made a bit of a show of cutting his big light and fluffy carrot cake.
And even if I do say so myself – it was jolly good

Then it was the littlest bro and the biggest bro who were tomfoolerising around.
‘Smile for the camera Zani’!

Azzan has the perfect solution to big brother’s harrassments – instead of trying to physically get back at them he kisses them.
That is a sure fire way of making sure they let him go

After dinner the 3 musketeers Yari, Nathan & Nick went out hunting with Anson & Sebastian.

It was quite a late night – sounds like they got home somewhere in the vicinity of 2-3am.

Sunday, was a beautiful day.
There were a lot of fisher people on the end of the wharf enjoying the sunshine.
I called Cat in Melbourne before she had to leave her hotel room.
It was good to touch base with her and hear what was happening.
She flew over to Perth Sunday evening.
She had a great time catching up with Jesika and cousin Carlamia once her course had finished.
All is going well.
She has done her training course and now moves on to actually working in Perth but won’t know till she gets there as exactly what she is doing.
It will revolve around comms work though.

Then we had a late fellowship meeting.
That was good.
Lots of singing and discusions revolving around the songs and hymns.

Tim bbq’d up a heap of sausages and onions and we had hotdogs for lunch at 3pm.
It was so good sitting out in the sun.
It’s been a while since we have been able to actually enjoy the warmth and leisurely pace.

Because lunch was so late dinner was also late.
In between times though Chrissy helped me sort out my clothes as we chatted some more.
It has been lovely having her visit.
We have had some great chats over the weekend.

Dinner was pretty raucous again.
Well, what do you expect with 16 of us around the table??

The guys all headed off hunting again.
They are all young and unstoppable at night time.
Mornings are another thing though

We were pretty tired so I didn’t get much packing done.

This morning – Monday – I was up and trying to pack my clothes.
I was trying to remember everything I had to take out for the fortnight.
I got Shanni to pack Azzan’s clothes.
Then we loaded everything into the Safari.
It was pretty full.

I also had a large pile of stuff for the recycling centre which Graham’s son was going to take out for me.
Such a relief when you can actually get rid of the excess.

We were all loaded and headed off soon after 10am.
Had to stop briefly to say good bye to the guys.
Tim and Tom & Taiki aka Trev were planting the fruit trees – finally!
I had had them sitting outside the backdoor for days now so they would fall over them and get the idea that they needed to be planted.
Taiki has been given the nick name Trevour by Anson.
He is getting quite a buzz from it and now easily responds to it!
I did have a bit of a job to explain to him who ‘the Trevs‘ were in NZ entertainment history.

We had a pretty smoth trip out to town. Quite a bit of traffic on the road as it was the end of the long weekend. Just coming into Nelson when my phone rang and it was our swimming tutor saying that the pool equipment had broken down so swimming was canceled today.
If only we had know before 10am then we could’ve had the rest of the day at home.
Oh well, never mind.
We went and got groceries for the next few days and then came back to the house and unloaded them.
It is so good of Frances & John to lend us their home while they are way.
It is lovely and comfortable and has the best views of the harbour.

We went back into town.
Dropped off our old records with Estelle.
She has the equipment to copy them onto cd.
Azzan is very curious as to how it all done so we will go back this week to watch.

Then it was into town to meet up with Seb and help him choose a TV and PS3.
Man what a selection.
It was quite mind boggling what people think they cannot live without.
We were being told all this stuff about plasma screens, lcd screens, high resolutions and ordinary screens, etc etc.
I was like – ‘well back in my day we only had two choices of colour – black and white.’!
I am sure the shop assistant thought I came out of the ark

We finaly managed to make a decision and Seb very happily took it all back to his flat.
We followed so we could see his abode and meet is flat mates.
Then it was back home to cook dinner and get organised.
Managed to get the children all off to bed nice and early.
Now I need to head off before it gets any later.
Tomorrow is our busy day.
Classes all day!

I will finish with another Azzan quote.

‘How big is God?
He’s so big that he’s small enough to fit into our heart
big enough to hold the world.’

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