Day 1 in Nelson

I was woken this morning at 7:15am by the melodious measure of Shanni practicing the piano downstairs.
From then we all rose slowly and greeted the day.
It had rained very heavily over night and was very cool.
So we all dressed up warm.
We left the house sometime before 9.
Diverted into the city centre so I could have my morning frappacino.
Then out to Richmond to music.
Typical – when we come from 3 hours away we are early, but when we are so close we are late!!

I spent the next 2 hours walking to and fro between the music lessons and the library.
We hadn’t been to Tasman library before so I did the joining up thing and conveyed children back and forth along the street each half hour as they did their lesson change overs.
I was particularly making sure the girls understood the route to and fro so next time they will be able to walk themselves without getting lost.
It is not far but they are not familiar with the area.

We went to the mall and had lunch at the food court.
Then whizzed into town for swimming lessons.
The children enjoyed being in the pool so much.
Chrissy and her boys met us there.
Melissa took Azzan, Mahalia & Asher first.
Then it was the 4 bigger kids turn.
I gingerly got changed into my togs and waited.
The day had warmed up majorly which was good.
So once the kids were all finished Melissa got me in the pool by myself.
Chrissy will be joining me next week.
I have bought some goggles as my major fear is opening my eyes in the water.
That is one of the reasons I have never swam well.
Melissa reckoned I did way better than she had anticipated I would so that is cool.
It is my general lack of upper body and leg strength that is failing me.
So hopefully after 2 weeks of this I will be away and feeling much stronger.
I am wondering though whether my lack of iron is causing me to become more breathless than I should be.

After swimming we battled the atrocious after school traffic and zipped back into town and then out to drop Azzan off at Jazz.
We whizzed off to get dinner groceries and then dropped Nathan at Taekwando.
Then it was back to collect Azzan and on to visit Dave & Michelle to eat our dinner with them, socialise and wait for Nathan to finish at 7pm.
Got a text later on to say not to come till 7:30pm.
The kids were very very tired so it was really stretching them to wait that much longer.
However, Azzan had chosen a dvd of ‘Nutcracker’ ballet so they watched that on my laptop.

Then we went and got Nathan.
He is so enjoying Taekwando that he is going to have some extra sessions while we are in town.
We popped in to pick up stuff from Alan & Mike which Tim had sent out for us and then back here to the house.

The kids had icecream and then they were very quickly into bed.
The view from the house here is wonderful.
I took this photo tonight from the front door looking back towards the city.

And a cosy view looking back inside at the children eating their dessert.

All the windows have spectacular views.
My room is top right balcony.
The girls are below me.
Azzan’s window is above the dining room and Nathan is next along the top.

I took this from my balcony as I was putting Azzan to bed.

Nelson is such a pretty city

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