Day 3 in the city

We were up and out of the house before 9am today.
I was on a mission.
Had time to get some groceries for dinner and drop stuff back to CRT for Tim.
He had ordered 100 ear tags.
They sent him 2500!
Bit of an overkill.
Dropped Shanni off to spend the morning with Katherine.
Then we left Azzan & Mahalia at a hall in Richmond for 2 hours of drama with some other home schoolers.

I gathered up Yari & Ellie and took them into town and left them and Nathan at the Polytec.
There was an open day so the boys were keen to look around and get career ideas.
I went straight to the gym and did my work out there.
Had a weigh in – very depressing.
It is a whole year since my last weigh in and I am 8kgs heavier than I was then
Never mind. It is not too late to begin all over again – sigh!

After my workout I walked down to meet Ainsley for a cuppa and chat at Yello cafe..
Then we wandered over to Briscoes to have a look at their sale.

I soon ran out of childless time and had to beetle off to pick up Shanni and meet the others at the pool.
Chrissy had brought Azzan & Hali in with her after drama.

We had a good day at the pool today.
I did heaps better.
Yesterday was a bit of a disaster for me but for some reason my body coped better this time.

After swimming we went into town and found Shanni a cool wee camera on a really good special.
Her one is broken and she was really missing not having it.
Got talking to a lady who breeds kakariki. She was taken with Poppi.
So, as long as we can get a permit she is going to give Shanni some kakariki – as you can imagine Shanni is pretty excited.
So it was of to DoC to suss out getting a permit.
Do you think we could make any headway there?
The girl at the counter didn’t have a clue what we were talking about.
So I am now waiting for a call from someone who might know.
It shouldn’t be this hard!!

We zipped on out to Richmond and left Nathan at Taekwondo.
Then had nachos for dinner with Sally and her children.
The kids had a fairly riotous time with water balloons that Azzan had gotten at the $2 Shop.
I finally had to drag them away kicking and screaming cuz Nathan was waiting and I had to sort out paying for his gear.
Here he is demo-ing it for me.



We came straight home.
Shanni had a spa and Azzan put himself to bed. while I was talking to Tim.
I now have them all in bed.
Nathan is doing some piano practise and then we both will be hitting the sack.
Another early and busy day tomorrow.

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