Tuesday in town

Our Tuesday in Nelson went quite smoothly.
Got to town in time enough to get a frappacino and pies for breaky and then get to Richmond well before 9:30am.
I dropped Nathan & Shanni off for their music lessons and zipped around to give Sally my Weaver curriculum folder. She is sussing curricula at the mo, as are quite a few of my friends, so it is good to share to they can look before they buy.

Picked up N&S and dropped A&M.
Zoomed back into Nelson and left N&S at their sewing lesson.
Then to the airport to pick up Alios from France – our new wwoofer.
He was content to just hang out with me for the rest of the day.
Nice lad.
Picked up the two littlies from music and went to get lunch at the mall.

When the other two were finished at sewing I took the girls up to spend the rest of the day with Katherine and Sophie.
That brightened Shanni’s countanence majorly

I had time to chill a while so the boys and I went to Starbucks and relaxed for half and hour while Alois went shopping.
Then I dropped Nathan back out at the Richmond library and took Azzan to dancing at Annesbrook.
Alois & I sat in on his lesson.
I was rather annoyed to see how much the little girls were playing up for their teacher.
They had basically been in school all day and were jiggley and not ready to settle and listen to her instructions.
If only they realised how much time they wasted in the lesson when they could be actually learning a heap more.
Azzan soon picked up the others behaviour so he got a good talking to after the class
I don’t pay money and go to all the effort of taking him out to town just for them to play up like that.
He got the message that there would be no more dancing classes if he didn’t behave!!

Nathan walked to taekwondo from the library so after dancing we sat and read another chapter of ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ and then got fish and chips for dinner just before picking up Nathan at 6pm.
I zoomed into Nelson and picked up the girls and we were out of the city well before 6:30.

We waited in Rai Valley for 10 mins for Anson.
Once he arrived he cleaned up all the remaining fish & chips and we swapped the trailer onto my Safari and he took Nathan, Shanni & Alois and headed back home.

We carried on to Blenheim.
I was getting rather weary by this time so was very glad to get to the wool store.
We waited a few minutes for Bob to come and unload the trailer and then I called into the supermarket to find some food.
The children were watching a dvd all the way from Rai so were nice and quiet.
We finaly got to Granny’s sometime after 9:30pm.
She had just got home herself.
I gave the children some more food.
Azzan just wanted breakfast type stuff!
Then after they were in bed I talked to Tim on the phone.
While talking Anson text me to say he had just got 2 flat tyres on the way home
I told Tim and he immediately headed off to go rescue them.

I got a text back from Anson at 12:15 saying they were all home and okay.

It was a l-o-n-g day.

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