Hapy Birthday Sebastian.

It is Sebastian’s 19th birthday today.
Happy Birthday to our special young man
He is away working on the mussel boat in Golden Bay this week so we won’t get to celebrate with him until next weekend.
Seb – I’m making you your favourite – cheesecake!!

Here he is (2nd from left) with his 5 older & 1 younger siblings at Jesika’s 30th in August.
I really like this photo

The past few days have been busy with work of many and varied sorts.
The girls have been busy wee beavers at the sewing machine.
Shanni has undertaken to teach Mahalia how to use it so Mahalia is now overjoyed she can also create clothes for her dolls.

Shanni has also been doing a lot of work in the vege garden.
We will be eating well this summer by the look of it
The men have been continuing their fencing work up the hills.
Tim has been doing a lot of long days on the bulldozer preparing the fence line.
I am preferring not too know where it precisely is as it all sounds a little too steep and scary for me!
Anson has been doing his possum trap line plus he goes out most nights possum shooting.
He is getting so many now that they can’t cope with all the possums for dog tucker.
So they have been gutting them to fit more in the freezer.
It is a good revenue earner for him too which is his main reason for doing it.
Or is it that he is missing his night life so is having to create some excitement in his life out here in the sticks

Nathan and Anson continue their sparring matches.
They are like a couple of young bucks competing to see who is going to remain at the top of the order.
Mostly it is friendly but every now and then it gets a bit too intense for my liking

I don’t think Nathan will be at the bottom for too much longer though.

I have been working away at the accounts.
Because I have been so busy I have not done any filing for 4 months now.
So I had quite a big job getting all the new financial years accounts into order before I began the gst.
I had the kitchen table covered and have had to juggle meals around my files.
It is all done now and I am just waiting for the accountant to check it over to see if I have made any gross errors before I file it with the IRD.

It has been cloudy and overcast here – no sun to be seen.
Just low heavy clouds.
Threatening to rain but coming to nothing.
After such lovely hot days we are all beginning to hang out for the sun again.

We had a really good long catch up call with Cat in Perth on Sunday.
She is looking forward to coming home on the 14th Dec.
She has a good long summer holiday planned.
I got to chat with Bri too.
She has been busy working at the youth prison and is nearly finished her studies for the year.
The children are all busy doing their own thing these days that days and even weeks can go by before we get to hear news.
So we really enjoy to have these catch up sessions

We are off to Nelson again in the morning.
This time Anson is coming with me so he can pick up his truck.
We also have to take his dog to the vet as it has grown a very large lump on his side.
Hopefully it won’t be anything too yucky.

It is now 8pm and I am about to go put the children to bed – I’m trying to snuggle them down early cuz of their early rise in the morning.
The days are so long now that it is still quite light at 8 or even 9pm
Hard to get them off to sleep.
The men haven’t yet come in for dinner.
Sometimes I really hate these long long daylight days!

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