This weeks catch up of events.

This was the sunset reflecting on an amazing cloud bank across the bay on Monday night.

Tuesday was our normal busy day in town.
Anson came with me, and a trailer load of sheep and a dog.
We dropped off the sheep at Rai Valley.
Then Anson picked up his truck from the garage and took Bear to the vet.
The abscess had burst during the night so the vet checked him over and put in a drain.
Anson was able to bring him home that night.
The children had music lessons in Richmond.
I zipped Nathan & Shanni back into Nelson for another sewing lesson.
Mahalia had a riding lesson at Brightwater.
Azzan & I popped out to Wakefield to wish Chrissy a happy birthday.
Picked Mahalia up again at 1pm.
Went back to the city doing several jobs along the way.
N&S had met up with Martin from Denmark – our new wwoofer.
Anson picked up Martin & Shoshannah and headed off home.
While Azzan was at dancing I picked up stuff at Placemakers and then I dropped N at Taekwondo.
Went back for Azzan and then he and Mahalia helped me do the grocery shopping before picking Nathan up and heading home.

Since then it has been busy here with the guys doing more fencing, mustering etc.
The weather has been incredibly windy and warm.
Photos do not do the windyness of the bay justice but this was taken on Wednesday morning when the bay was well ruffled with white caps and the sea was lapping the beach loudly.

Since then the wind has risen in intensity and doors keep slamming, papers go flying etc etc.

Shanni made smoothies the other day – they were delicious.

The children have set up the verandah as a veterinary surgery and have been ‘operating’ on the cats.
Mo puts up with so much!
Azzan had a needleless syringe and was ‘injecting’ him.

Jynx had his tail bandage cuz it was broken – apparently!

Mo was a lot more docile and was bandaged allover.

He was okay until he tried to get up and walk and then he kept on staggering and falling over.
The girls were in hysterics over his antics.

He appeared disdainfully unamused 

The girls have been busy sewing heaps of clothes for the dolls this week.
Today they were busy making houses for their Barbie & Kelly dolls.
They tied boxes together and cut windows and doors.

Of course Poppi was right in the midst of it all.

The guys have been working long days with more approaching as we are shearing over the weekend.
So Tim gave the wwoofers most of the middle of the day off.
The three of them headed off in the kayaks with life jackets on.
They were gone for hours.
The wind got much stronger and was screaming into Te Kopi.
We were wondering where they had gotten to.
Then we saw two of them clambering around the rocks with their kayak paddles.
Apparently Toad, the Chinese guy who cannot swim, fell out of his kayak in the middle of the bay and was in a right panic.
Alois, our French guy, is a trained life guard and had stayed relatively close to him.
He managed to save him and get him onto his kayak and then went and retrieved the upturned one.
They managed to get across the bay to Wood Beach.
Toad stayed put there.
He was so scared he would not get back onto the kayak.
The other two battled the wind and got to the other side of Cape Horn and left the kayaks there and walked home around the rocks in bare feet.
They were rather battle weary when they arrived.

Seb had arrived home by this time so he and his friend Lyall went over in the dinghy and rescued Toad and the kayaks.
He was ever so pleased to see them!!

Tonight Tim had cooked a big roast of mutton.
I made a stir fry of veges, creamed corn and roast potatoes.
We had a delicious dinner in honour of Seb’s birthday.
I hadn’t made him an actual b’day cake so we used the cake Jenny had made for me.
The candle would not stay lit.
Seb was ‘See Mum, I told you that 19 wasn’t a b’day to make a fuss over. Even the candle won’t stay alight for me!

Azzan was in top gear tonight and was being extremely entertaining.
He loves to be a comic – esp towards his big brothers.

I spent all morning making 2 large cheesecakes for Seb.
He does not like desserts.
Except that is – cheesecake.
I made an extra one for him to take back to work with him.
He loves them for breakfast

The guys all went mustering after dinner.
I put the two wee ones to bed and am so tired I am about to fall into bed myself.

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