Happy Birthday Cat xxxx

Today has been a busy day.
Tim & Jeremie (from France) went grubbing thistles this morning and then painted the boat hull after lunch.
Maxime has been weed eating the lawns.
Monique has been working away in the garden.
Cat & Leeann have turned up for meals – not too sure what they were doing but I do know Cat employed Azzan to help box squashing for a while.
She has been VERY busy since arriving home on Tuesday.
She and Leeann sailed over the Strait almost as soon as she landed back in NZ!
The living area has been completely changed around since I left for town
The workshop and meat safe have both been cleaned out thoroughly.

We have just celebrated Cat’s 27th birthday over dinner.
Nathan cooked most of the dinner.
I did a little bit towards it before going to have a lie down.
Shanni baked an orange cake.

I keep forgetting to buy b’day candles so hence only 1 tonight.

I played with my camera and took about 200 shots on fast so have just had fun culling them out to share.
Azzan’s facial expressions throughout the present opening were most descriptive and priceless!

Azzan had wrapped up a couple of things for her.

Then it was time to open Aunty Sandra’s present.
Big guesses who it was from and what was in it!!

I gave her a set of coffee mugs with cats all over them.
She loved them.
But as they are too big for the mug holders on her yacht she will have to buy a larger yacht to fit them

Happy Happy Birthday Cat.
It is great having you home with us again.
We love you heaps and heaps and hope your 28th year will be as exciting and interesting as the past years have been for you.
One thing about you my darling – we never know what is happening next!
Life surely is one big adventure for you.

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