Recapping the past few days

On Wednesday Sally & Nick walked around to Waterfall Bay with all the children.
Shanni took all the following photos.
I really love this one.

They sat in the sun on the beach and enjoyed their ice creams.

Mahalia & Kashana played on the swings – chatting non stop as per usual!

Azzan clowning it after his play on the slide.

They were there when the mailboat called in and Jenny asked if they could have a ride home.
So they all hopped on board.

I thought this was a cute photo of Azzan & Jackson.

They were all so excited when they came in.
My younger children have never been on the mailboat before so it was a huge thrill for them.
Esp Azzan. He was overjoyed at the wee ride up the bay.
You would’ve thought he had never been on a boat before!!

Tim told the kids he would take them skidder boarding soon.
Then he disappeared off and had a sleep for part of the afternoon.
The children eventually gave up waiting and went off to play in Pine Huts.
They finally all went up the hill in the late arvo/early evening and had a great time.

I had thought the children would enjoy a bonfire on the beach one night.
So they cooked sausages and damper over the fire and also ate garlic bread I had made for them.
Azzan came up looking for some drinks.
I gave him a bottle of ginger beer and five plastic cups.
I chuckled when I saw this photo – most ingenious method of keeping them all upright on the beach.

For dessert they toasted marshmellows.
Tim ddn’t like the idea of the children being down there with the fire unattended.
So he took his dinner down and ate it with them.
He’s such a good daddy

After all that excitement Cat said she would take the children all possum hunting.
So they all donned their warm clothes and jackets as the evening was rather cool and they took off around 10pm.
We all went off to bed and I am glad we did cuz they didn’t get home till around 1pm.
Mahalia and Kashana went to sleep on the back of the truck.
Azzan told me that he and Leeann had some really good interesting talks and he filled me in on Orion’s Belt and other stars she had told him about.
While they were up on the hill they saw a young deer which Nathan shot with the .22.
He is quite delighted at now belonging to the ‘.22 club’!
Cat & Bri have also dropped deer with a .22.
Not really the norm so a good club to belong to apparently.

The intrepid hunters!!

Friday we all just chilled in the morning.
Tim had a few things to do but not much really happened.
We did contemplate a picnic but the day sorta disappeared plus we were waiting for Anson & Seb to arrive home.
Seb never made it till around 9pm but Anson turned up mid morning keen to go fishing.
So all the troops headed out fishing around midday.
Sally, Azzan & I made ourselves some lunch and watched ‘The Ultimate Gift’.
I have now seen it 3 times and I still enjoy it.
It is such a good movie.

The crew arrived home later in the arvo.
Jackson & Mahalia having fun introducing two blue cod.

There has been a pod of small dolphins in the bay this week.
They were in close and playing so Cat rowed Jackson & Kashana out to see them.
They were so excited cuz the dophins were so close and playful.

Cat has a waterproof camera so gets some great underwater shots.

Shanni rowed Azzan out in her wee dinghy and Mahalia kayaked.


Tim had to clear the chiller at Waterfall Bay of all the venison that was hanging in there before our guests arrived the today so he and several others ate an early dinner and headed off to process meat.

While they crew were all out fishing Sally got stuck into my bedroom.
She had been having nightmares about it so who was I to restrain her
It was in dire need of major help cuz my life over the past months has been so busy that my room has absolutely no attention.
I have been living out of the washing piles of clothes which had turned in to a major heap on the floor.
We had a great time.
I also managed to throw out quite a pile of clothes that I have not worn for a LONG time.
Azzan helped. He was especially helpful once it came time to dust and sort through a large amount of perfumes and toiletries.

He managed to squirrel several old perfumes which he now takes great pleasure in spraying at his big bros!

Today Sally & Nick packed up and headed off home.
It has been a lovely week and I am so glad they came down.
I was really not with it for the first few days but that didn’t stop them enjoying their holiday.
Shanni took this of me and Sally as they were leaving.

Azzan was chasing Seb around today and having a lot of fun teasing and then running.
The delight is in the catching I am thinking!

Anson chugged out fishing in the PL3 with Christian & Mike.
They came back with 2 grouper and a few other fish.
The grouper steak I had for dinner was delicious.

Anson asked Azzan tonight what he wanted for dinner.
As quick as a flash he replied
‘Your heart roasted on a stake’
Anson quickly retorted that he didn’t have a heart so he would go hungry!!

This is my lovely Blackberry Nip rose I bought last season.
It is planted at the back door and has the most delicious scent.

Cat took Alibi out for a sail this arvo.
The day had clouded over but there was a perfect wind to raise the sails in.

A few of the Wenborn family are coming to stay for this coming week.
James, Phoebe, Lizzie and her fiance Paul all arrived mid afternoon so they joined Cat, Seb & Christian for the sailing trip.

The rest of the family have just arrived so I had better go out and be sociable.

An update on Mum first though.
My bro Murray flew into Chch yesterday from Perth.
Our cousin Alvin & Vonnie met him at the aiport and took him to the hosp to see Mum.
She was delighted as she didnt know he was coming.
He was able to spend a couple of hours with her before being taken to the airport to continue his journey to Blenheim.
He is staying with Duncan for a few days for a bit of R&R.
They are thinking they will drive back to Chch to see Mum in a day or two and relieve Ruth while waiting for our younger bro Hamish to arrive over from Western Australia.
Then they will all head north.
Hopefully by then Mum will have finished her treatment and will be back home.
She has been getting lots of visitors.
The reports I have been getting is that she is okay, very weary.
Ruth has been able to take her out for walks. She got a wheelchair and took her along the Avon River yesterday and today they went to the Botanic Gardens and had a longer outing as Mum had no treatment today.
Despite the circumstances it is a nice time for Ruth to be able to spend with Mum.

We had all planned to be at Mum’s for Christmas Day.
On Wednesday everything was put on hold.
Everything was in limbo.
All our planning went out the window.
It was a weird feeling.
Not really knowing what we were all doing.
We are now planning to have our family day at Mum’s on the 3rd Jan.
This time it will mean that all 5 of her children will be there which will be lovely for her.
She was very disappointed not to have the Christmas she was wanting.
So hopefully it will be a better day next Sunday.


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