The demise of the wharf

Our wharf has stood for years and years.
Possibly 100 even!
It has withstood the tests of time and the ravages of the weather and the attacks of boats driven by incompetent people.

18 years ago we began getting letters from our local council suggesting we needed to get resource consent for it. This would entail engineers reports and all sorts of other nasties which require time and heaps of money to fill the redtape machine

However, in the past year the letters have become more aggressive and persistent so we have succumbed to pressure.
We have liasoned with someone more on to it that ourselves and he has helped us through the paper war.
We have just had to sign the cheques – which are considerable – and we haven’t even begun the building process!

 Last week we got the phone call to say finally we now have both resource consent and building consent.
We can now begin the physical process of rebuilding.

before that happens we have to demolish.
That is going to take a week or two.

Cat got Daniel – our German wwoofer – to begin the job on Wednesday.
As you can see here from the photos Shannie took he is making good progress.

The boards all have to be de-nailed so they can be given new life elsewhere on the farm.

We are going to miss our wharf.
It plays a major part in our lives.
Both for recreation and for business.

But the plans for the new one are very similar just with slight alterations to suit the requirements we now have today for it.

Building is scheduled to begin 27 January as long as the weather holds etc.

Meanwhile, up at the house Cat had decided our back door needed some attention.
So it was off it’s hinges and getting sanded in the back yard.

Looks great now.
Nice and smooth and oiled.

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