Cat got Dor digging a very large deep hole.
It was very rocky but he did well and soon it was deep enough to busy himself in.

In the very late afternoon I heard a commotion outside.
It was Tim arriving with the tractor towing one of the wharf piles.

It was rolled to one side so he could back out again.

Then the hole was measured to see how high it would stand.

Not big enough!
So Cat & Nathan went and got another one.

This was one heavy mama of a pole.
It was quite funny watching and listening to them trying to nut out how they were going to move it and raise it.

Another puzzlement time!

Ropes and sweat got it this far

More muscle and sweat

Don’t let go!
There was a rock in the way that had to go so it could stand upright.

More hands on deck now.

Go for it Edan!!

It’s all up guys!!

Cat packing in the support rocks and dirt to hold it in place.

Nathan trying to lassoo Kyle

And now we wait to see what Cat is going to create from this recycled wharf pile!!

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