Tuesday 26th wharf attack – part 1

Tuesday arvo Pacifica arrived just after Tim got back fro lunch.
So the poor man hardly had time to eat let alone rest a while.
They were hard at from 12:30 until 5:40pm.
It was a very long and extremely hot afternoon.

Pacifica has a 24 tonne winching system so Tim was hoping they would be able to get the piles out fairly easily.
But it took a while for them to suss out just exactly how to do it.
And they also only had a light chain so couldn’t use total strength.

Nathan dived down and secured the chain on the first pile.
It came out reasonably quickly.

They are humungous.
Each pile is totara and measures 12″ x 12″.
They range in length from 5-7m
and they are HEAVY as!

Once each pile was pulled out then Pacific towed around and dumped it on the beach.

Cat was now diving and giving a bit of assistance to the drop off.

It was a hive of activity all afternoon.
Boats in all directions!

Kyle & Oskar were retrieving all the floating remains.

Another pile and beams up and out.

Getting the flotsam and jetsam on the beach was a major mission as once it was no longer floating it was pretty jolly heavy.

Tim was keeping just ahead of Pacifica.
He was chainsawing the beams to free up the piles.

And another one goes down with a splash.

Not too much left now!

Cat was helping to move the floating timber.

Not a lot left holding this pile together.

Cat framed!!

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