Tuesday 26th wharf attack – part 2

Pacifica coming in for another one.

Another beam down to get out of the way

Tim & Leeann were moving planks back as fast as they could.
As the piles were coming out they were getting less and less to stand on!

One more up and away

Tim for a rest to watch the proceedings

Cat going down to secure another chain around the pile.

Tim levering off another beam

Dumping another on the beach

Azzan lending Kyle a hand

They basically had to secure the chain and then power backwards and forwards to loosen each pile so they would pull out as they were wedged in pretty darn tight.

The beach turned into an adventure playground

The last one hits the water!

Tim will do the rest with the dozer at low tide.

Recapping the afternoon.

Seb & Tim having a final chat before the barge leaves.

It was a busy hot four hours but great to have that all done.
Makes it way easier now for Tim to continue with the rest and have it all clear for the rebuild to begin in a couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th wharf attack – part 2

  1. It’s so sad to see the Wharf coming down. I mean, they are doing a good job and all, but I just hate to see it go, especially when I never got to see it in person :)Glad to see bits of it going in here and there.

  2. @havilahjoy – it is sad Havilah, when you think it has stood the tests of time and had so much happen on and around it. It has been a focal point for probably near on 100 years. It really is the end of an era. However the new wharf will be similar in size and shape with just a few alterations to make it more user friendly but will certainly not stand for as long as this one because the new materials are only meant to stand for around 30 years – crazy eh!!.I must post some photos of the wharf in years gone by. It is amazing to se the size of the ships that used to come in here. We think the mussel barges are huge enough but we were quite blown away the other night when looking at some old photos.

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