Visiting neighbours across the water – part 1

Anson headed out fishing early in the morning with Oskar, George & Roger.
Because he had been out shearing he hadn’t caught a grouper in a few days so was hankering to go find a few.

It was a pleasant Sunday morning.
All the wwoofers get to sleep in so no one turned up except Yui who is always up early.
So it was quite a pleasantly quiet morning.
Oliver walked around to spend the day with Shoshannah in the Pine Huts.
They are having so much fun up there. Building their village and creating new places etc.
Their imagination really goes into overdrive – it’s cool to see and hear about it when they

I had suggested to Tim that it might be nice to go visiting.
So after a bit of a late start we eventually left the wharf around 11:30, steamed along to pick up Louisa & Madeline.
We then picked up David, Jenny & Glen at Waterfall and headed out of the bay.

On  the way we met up with this piratical looking crew

George had caught his first grouper 

They had also caught another seven gill shark.
It had fishing line all wrapped around and imbedded in it.
They reckoned someone must’ve caught it and freaked when they got it to the surface and cut the line!!

Roger hopped on board with us and George opted to stay fishing with Anson & Oskar.

Azzan was quite fascinated by the shark which was still kicking about a bit on deck.

Then it was the bloody process of filleting.

While Captn Tim was busy down aft ex pirate Roger skippered the helm with his bonny lass Louisa

All the while two wee lassies up top kept pleading for more food

Azzan was being rather scientific and exploring the insides of the shark

Jenny & David just enjoyed the cruise

We finally got to Joy & Tony’s for a very very late lunch.
But were forgiven when we presented Joy with fresh fish and especially the grouper!

Tim had help cleaning the fish from ‘the black cat’.

It was a very pleasant lunch.
Tim used Tony’s bbq to cook the fish.

As per usual Joy had cooked up a storm.
They have a delightful outdoor area to eat and chat and just generally enjoy life.
We wiled away several hours there before the men went off looking at bloke’s things and talk bloke talk and the ladies went for a wander through Joy’s lovely garden.
(photos coming in part 2)

I found Azzan exploring the garden before lunch.
He had caught a cicada.
I walked him in through the front door and we wandered along the long hallway admiring all the old things on the walls.
He was totally fascinated by the big stags head on the wall.
Is that a real reindeer?

Then when we got to the lounge he spotted this dried arrangement and thought it was just the most beautiful thing he had ever seen

Te Towoka Sports Day

Saturday 23 2010 was the day of our annual Te Towoka Sports day.
We got there just in time.
I fed the kids on board the boat so we didn’t have to worry about taking too much food onshore.
The kids were all very enthusiastic and went into all the races.
Shanni was in the first girls running race.
She is 2nd from leftin green t-shirt taking great strides forward!!

I missed Mahalia winning her race.
But she was delighted to win a cute soft toy donkey.

Azzan cracked me up – whenever he was getting ready to run he would stand at the starting line in a starters stance with his wee fists clenched and then off he would charge!!
He is 2nd from right in blue striped t-shirt.

And away he went at a rate of knots!!

Roni came to the day with friends for the first time ever.
We were all delighted to catch up and she of course had to say g’day to Poppi.

Azzan made friends with Solomon and they paired up for the three-legged race.
The cord tieing them togehter was rather tight and his wee face was showing the anguish all the way up the field as his mouth oohed and aahhed through the pain of it all

Relief showed as soon as the cord untied itself!!

George & Oliver won their three legged race and got these board games.

Mahalia & Madeline paired up for their race.

They didn’t win but I so love the delight on their faces as they cross the line.

Azzan made a good start in the sack race.
He certainly can leap high!

Shanni enjoying her sack race.

Cat roped Nathan into the three legged race at the last moment so they had no time to practice.

It was all a bit of a laugh really!!

The line up for the cross country race.
This is the main huge even that Te Towoka is well known for,
My three youngest were all starters.
Azzan was in the middle of the front line rearing to go.

He headed off in good form in the middle of the crowd.

I was so impressed when he came running up the field.
There hadn’t been too many older people crossing before him.
He did so well.

He crossed the line way before his older sisters.
And then he collapsed in a heap with stitch.
So proud of my 7 year old.
None of my other kids tackled it at his age!!

Then he found Solomon again to do the wheel barrow race with him.

Cat trying out partners for the adults wheel barrow race – which actually never happened!!

Mahalia with Madeline and Shanni with her new friend Shelly. 

The relay race was fun.
Tim, Roger, Bry and another guy made up a team.
Tim striding out as runner No2.

Cat made up a team with Leeann, Yui and another girl.

The weather held.
It was a tiny bit damp but not enough to dampen our spirits.
At least this year we didn’t all come home totaly sunburnt!!
We said good bye to Janice & boys, Christine & Les as they were all heading off Nelson way, and then loaded everyone on board and cruised off home.
Cat, Leeann & Nathan had driven in from Nelson so carried on home.

Great day

Friday & Saturday

I spent Friday trying to get the accounts filed and coded.
I refused to cook dinner so Anson got stuck in and made a fish casserole.
Yui watched helped so she could learn.
That was very entertaining.

Saturday morning we loaded intot he 88 South and headed off to the Te Towoka Sports Day.
It is held once a year on the 3rd Saturday of January.

There was some debate as to whether or not it would happen as the weather was not looking terribly promising.
However it was decided to give it a go.

We steamed along and picked up Christine, Roger &  the Davidson crew.

Then along to Waterfall Bay to collect Glen.

The kids were of course by this time ‘starving’!
So Louisa chucked a French breadstick up to them.

They devoured it like hungry lions.
I am most impressed that David has hung the signs up at long last.
It has only taken 4-5 years!!

We had a great day.
Next installment will relate all about the day.
Got back home and dropped off in reverse.
Glen had slept all the way home so he staggered off the boat in a bit of a dopey daze.
Then Roger rowed his crew ashore at Bush Inn.

 Yui was enjoying being up top in the fresh air.

We got back home around 7pm.
Everyone was tired.
I chucked some left overs in the oven and fed the troops.
I crashed out and watched an episode from Emily of New Moon series 2 before hopping in the spa for a few moments of blissful wallowing.

Further wharf demolition

Friday was another mass attack on the wharf.
Tim and the 3 guys spent the day on it.
Tim used the boat to ;ull out some of the big outer piles.

At low tide he brought the tractor along to load all the timber that they had already pulled off.

After dinner Anson & Glen got stuck in while the guys were loading the tractor.
It all looked very precarious from where I was standing!!

Another beam hits the water.

They had the chainsaw going and beams were going in all directions.
There was less and less framework to stand on.

A bloke just has to do what blokes have to do

Saturday morning there was just the skeleton left.

Mirror calm – gorgeous day.


fun days

While the guys were working on the wharf Yui helped me.
She told me that she loves to clean so for a change from farm work she unpacked and sorted books onto my new school room shelves.

She did a heap of other stuff too.
She is great. I am really enjoying her lovely smile & effervescent enthusiasm.

Christine was in the study looking at some pictures and she turned around and saw this.

I was outside and just heard peels of laughter.
She commented that one moment he was bouncing around like a normal little 7 year old boy and the next thing she sees is this!!
It is one of his purchases from Auckland!

Today I woke very early and couldn’t sleep.
My arm was too sore and I was too hot and thirsty.
So I got up around 5am.
The rain started soon after.
It bucketed down heavily throughout the day.
We even had several good thunder crashes too.
Power went out but not due to the rain.
A generator in Rai Valley played up so it wasn’t off for long.

The three children all donned raincoats and headed off around the track to see George, Oliver & Madeline.
They had arrived late last night and there was now way my crew were not going to visit!!
They had a great time all day.
They all play so well together, it is great.

Tim took Kyle and Daniel out to do mussel work.
Oskar & Yui helped me.
They cleaned the wash house area out and then peeled carrots and veges for dinner.
I put on a casserole in the slow cooker once the power was restored.

Then when the rain stopped they headed off to find the Croft to do some cleaning.
They came back a while later looking slightly muddy and bemused.
They had gotten lost and walked up the hill instead.
So we redirected them around the road and they went and eventually got the job done.

While we were having lunch Louisa & Roger came to visit so we sat and chatted the afternoon away.
Janice and her boys all arrived so Tim helped them get unpacked and in the Cottage.

Then it was time for dinner and bed.
The rain was a real blessing today.
Anson arrived back for a late dinner.
He has been shearing for several days.

Now, I am all updated it is time for me to retire too.
Tomorrow will be busy so I need a bit of sleep before then.

My birthday :-)

Wednesday was my birthday.
I was really tired so couldn’t be too bothered with any fuss.
Not that there was much anyway!

Azzan was the first to spoil me.
He had been secretly hiding a blue box all the way back form Auckland.
He was so funny and making sure I never saw it.
He brought it in all wrapped up and inside was a lovely cut glass flower.
He then proceeded to bring me in a Christmas cracker to pull.
I asked him where he had gotten it from.
The dump‘ he replied, ‘and it was in a brand new box.’ he said proudly.
So from that pull I got a wee note pad and then later he brought me a wee gold teaspoon with a teddy on top.
He just loves to give

I cooked dinner with Yui’s help.
Grouper in coconut cream sauce with fresh butter beans, salad and brown rice.
All veges fresh from Shanni’s garden
She is such a great gardener.
She objects to having anyone helping her cuz they might pull out the wrong plants!!
She is loving being able to put food on our table.
Gives her such a buzz!

She also got busy and baked a lemon cake in the morning.
During the day it took shape and was presented to me for my birthday.
It was delicious.

When we were taking the photos I teased her about the tray the cake was on.
Her response ‘what’s wrong with it?’!!!

She iced it, place the star cake on top and surrounded the cake with rose petals.
Who cares that she presented it on the grotty side of the tray

Azzan brought me in this lovely lily.
I had just been admiring it in the garden and was rather taken aback that it had been picked.
But couldn’t really complain cuz he was so proud that he had ‘picked it with a nice long stalk Mummy‘!!

Shanni not only made the yummy cake she also made me a beautiful card.

It reads
‘We do not stop playing because we grow old.
We grow old because we stop playing.’

It is lovely to be loved

More of the wharf’s demise

When I returned home this is what the wharf looked like.

Wednesday was a beautiful day so Tim and the 3 wwoofers got stuck in and did a whole heap more in the demolition process.

Glen arrived over from Waterfall and was soon hard at it too.

There were large beams splashing into the sea as the hammers and chainsaw released them.
Kyle & Oskar rowed around gathering them all up and towing them into shore.

They reckoned it was way harder than it looked!!

Not a lot left to walk on now.

Some of the bolts are just to hard to undo so Tim decided to just chainsaw through.

It is beginning to look like a skeleton.
Rather sad really.
I feel like I am watching death by slow motion.

We have an update on the rebuild.
It is looking pretty likely that they can begin near the end of next week.
So it will be all go to get this one down by then.