Sunday – a day of fun, rest and pain

Sunday was a bright sunny calm day here.
The morning was full of bustle and busyness as our French family packed up to move on.
It was Valentines day so there was a lot of joshing’ about romantic French men!
That is a total misnomer I am told!
Nico says he is not romantic – he dislikes Abba and is a total clown
I gathered all the French folk together for a photo and squeezed our sole German girl in too.
She holds her own very well among the cultural bantering going on.

Introducing –
Stephane & Cedric on the left.
Nicolas, Valerie and Teiva & Noa all from France
and the only blonde in the group, Johanna from Germany!!

After they left the morning seemed very quiet.
Cedric & Stephane went out kayaking with their books.
They are both life guards so are very au fait on the water and just wanted to go laze back and read as it was so beautiful and calm.
Johanna went for a walk but met our llamas and was not too sure about them so came home again and relaxed on the beach with the boys.

Graham eventually came down before midday.
The kids all grabbed a snack and we had fellowship.
We were reading the story of Deborah, Sisera and Jael in Judges 4.
Nathan was questioning how come Jael was all alone out there in the desert.
He reckoned it was a bit random that she was able to hide Sisera and then kill him like that.
He was going on about where was all the rest of her family and that she must have had a husband & kids around etc.
To which Azzan said
Nathan, you just used assumptive language’!
There was total silence as we digested that and Azzan looked at me and asked if I knew what assumptive language was?
I replied I did, but did he?
He said ‘Of course. It is something that may or may not be true.’
That boy leaves me speechless at times!!

Matthew Henry had, as always, a great commentary about the whole story.
I really liked this quote he finished the chapter with.
better be wise late, and buy wisdom by experience, than never wise.

After lunch Anson took the 3 wwoofers and Glen out fishing.
Tim went to bed for a Sunday sleep and I lay down and read my book for a while.
Azzan wanted to watch a movie.
He was very proud that his room was tidy and that he had done it all by himself
Usually when he wants to watch a movie the prerequiste is to go clean up his room!
So I filled 2 hotties and sat back in the aimchair with my shoulder sandwiched between them while we watched more episodes of ‘Emily of New Moon – 2nd series’.
It was getting quite gripping so we watched lots.
Then we stopped to make dinner.
Eggs on toast – yummy.
Ate that while we watched another episode.
Then it was time for the children to go to bed.

Anson and crew were back home.
They cooked up fresh cod for their tea.
Anson had to go up the hill to find Peg – she keeps abandoning her puppies and going walk about
When he got home again they all went off possum hunting.
I filled the hotties again and watched another episode of Emily before bed.
The heat sure feels good on my shoulder.

I got a call from my bro to tell me that my uncle’s youngest daughter was missing.
I have never met Olivia but she is my cousin.
I can feel the pain & anguish that the family are going through right now.
I just hope and pray that she is found alive.
The police are upping their search this morning.
Please Lord – in times like this words fail but you know the anguish of their hearts.
Please bring her home safely.


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