Monday was spent waiting and watching news bulletins and praying that Olivia would be found alive and well.
Nathan began his school work.
We finally have gotten a small desk which I had lent to a friend years ago and kept forgetting to pick up.
It fits nicely in the back corner of the living room.
He prefers to work in there than in the school room.
He’s taking a while to get himself into gear, but I guess we are all a bit like that at the moment.
I am still working my way through the school room mess.
Have it now down to the current school stuff we were using last year.
Just gotta convince myself of what is necessary to complete and what we can biff out and start afresh.

The children are all getting into their piano practise.
It is also nice to hear the sounds of clarinet coming from Shoshannah’s room.
She is practising many times throughout the day as her teacher has told her to only do a few minutes at a time so her mouth doesn’t get too sore.

Everyone went up the hill in the afternoon to shoot a cow.
Johanna regaled me with tales of Azzan’s blood thirstyness!!

We were in the spa early enough to enjoy this sunrise.
It was magnificent.

Tim left after breakfast with Cedric & Stephane to go help Graham on the sawmill.
They were cutting all the 8m lengths of decking for the end of the new wharf.

Johanna wanted to cook the cows tongue for her and Tim to feast on so I gladly let her do it

Just before midday we got the shattering news that Olivia’s body had been found in the Wellington marina.
All our hopes died at that point.
It was a pretty emotional day from then on

The men didn’t get back until 8:30ish so I fed the children early and Johanna read them stories as they ate.
We had some Austrian guests in The Croft.
They had come around to chat in the morning and I had invited them back to meet Tim in the evening.
So they came and chatted with Tim while he ate his dinner.
The older Austrian was farming the biggest herd of animals in southern Austria – 30 sheep of a very very old breed.
They finally left at 10pm and we sat and chatted some more.
The past two nights have been filled with hilarious laughter.
The two French guys struggle with English so I was making time to talk with them while it was quieter.
There was much laughter over some of their expressions and translations.
Johanna was nearly rolling on the floor.
They thought it was all pretty funny too.
One thing they did as was about fruit that Graham had given them to eat while they were working.
They were calling it a peach-banana.
I couldn’t for the life of me think what it was.
They were miming  what it looked like and how they broke it in half and slurped the insides out etc etc.
I was totally stumped.
Then when I managed to ask Tim he said it was a banana passionfruit.
It was all very locationaly funny – you had to have been there.
But they say laughter is the best medicine so after the past two nights we must all be very healthy

The three of them all headed off up the path in pitch darkness with no torch tolight the way for the 2nd night running.
I could hear the laughter ringing around the garden as they all stumbled up single file,  Johanna clinging to the back of Cedric’s white shirt and them all trying not find the steps and not fall into the gardens.
Totally crazy!!

This morning Tim was not too keen on heading off to do too much.
Stephane & Cedric packed up to leave.
They had another wwoofing place to go on the other side of Nelson.
They really didn’t want to leave so it took a while.
Stephane and Nathan were trying to outdo each other doing pullups on the verandah.

Finally at midday I suggested that if they didn’t leave they couldn’t come back!!
So we took some final photos

Nathan & Tim waiting to say goodbye

and then trying to work out some hand signals for the photo

and they were on their way.
It was very quiet after they left.

Shanni made sushi for lunch.
I think it got eaten as fast as she made it!
The children played board games with Johanna.
They are also having a lot of fun making secret notes and hiding them around the garden.
Azzan & Mahalia went swimming tonight – they only were down there for a few minutes and then back up into the spa,

I sorted the many boxes of books etc that I had biffed out of the school room.
Some I am selling and some I am giving away.
They are now boxed up and in the Safari ready for town.

I had a bit of organising to do for tomorrow.
Shanni is going to have her first cycle mechanics lesson tomorrow and it took me ages to track down the lady cuz she had been away.
As there is no piano tomorrow I have rescheduled a riding lesson into the equation.
But once again the forecast is not looking good.
So we have packed our swimming togs just in case we have a few free hours.

Talked to Mum tonight.
Like us she is not enjoying this overcast gloomy weather.
Aunty Janet & Uncle George are staying with her staying this week.
Sylvia made a rich chocolate cake for their afternoon tea so that will help to fatten Mum up!!

We had roast chicken for dinner tonight.
While I was getting it all dished up Azzan & Mahalia took the opportunity to dress up.
They were so funny.
Azzan really is a total act on his own!

He was priceless with his ladi-dah American accent.
Sort of a cross between Hannah Montana and Eva Gabor in Green Acres!!

Enough of all that.
Time for bed now.
Early morning again.
It has been raining this evening.
Let’s hope it blows over by tomorrow.

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