A week gone by already!

I had a couple of days at home to recover and prepare for our Thursday trek to Nelson.
Azzan came to me on Tuesday morning and plaintively, pleadingly asked if he could ‘please do some school work?
The poor neglected wee man
So we went and dug through the pile of books he had been working in last year.
He found a heap of his ‘busy books’ and happily brought them out to the kitchen.
He decided that if he finished several of the small books then he could amalgamate the small prizes he would earn and get one bigger more worth while prize!!

I got side tracked but thankfully Johanna filled the gap and guided him through to the end of three books.

And at the end he happily received the Persian Cat Sylvanian family

Despite being with us for 2 weeks Johanna had never heard of Sylvania so had to be escorted down the hall to the school room for an introductory visit.
She was speechless when she saw it all,
and that says a lot if you know her
She then helped Azzan to arrange the whole Sylvanian population back into family groups.

There has been a lot of swimming happening over the week.
It is a continual procession between the house and sea and spa.
It has been a good week weatherwise so lots of outside activity.
Shanni continually comes to tell me about her new baby birds – there’s always an update on a budgie or cockatiel or chicken!! She is also busy in her garden.
She is getting the hang of picking the veges when they are ready and not just when I suggest we need something.
We have had a few overdone beans and peas!!
She is treasuring a large marrow along in the hopes of entering it into the Rai Valley A&P show next week.

I totally blobbed out Tuesday arvo/evening.
I watched ALL of Cranford.
It was so good.
I just loved it.
Such propriety and wonderful useage of the English language.

I have also been doing a lot of reading when I can.
I finished reading ‘Walking Taylor Home‘ today while soaking in the spa this morning.
An inspiring story of a Dad walking with his son through a particularly nasty cancer till the Lord called him home.

Johanna has been brilliant with the kids.
I have been very spoilt having her here to keep things ticking along while I have been busy.
She is such fun and has an effervescent contagious laugh.
A real energy giver
She did great French plaits and the girls hair was always being done in very interesting designs.
Nice to have Mahalia’s hair tidy for once

Azzan is getting really great at keeping his room tidy.
He asked me the other day if getting a prize for a tidy room meant that it HAD to be tidy ALL the time everyday or could he still have small play messes throughout the day?
I love the way he ponders on things and works them all out in his wee head.

He came to me and asked if he could move into Sebastian’s old room.
I told him he had to sleep in the high bunk for a night to make sure he really wanted to.
So he did.
Happily telling me the next morning that he loved it up there because he had his very own private light switch.
I also overheard some sibling rivalry to do with the fact that he was braver than Mahalia cuz she couldn’t cope with sleeping up in the high bunk – ‘and what’s so wrong with sleeping up high anyway?‘!
So Wednesday he decided he was going to move.
The girls helped him.
There was rather a large mess left behind in his old room and in the hallway.
We are still working through all of that

Tim has been spending a LOT of time in the study.
On the phone and nutting out materials etc for the new wharf.
I’ll be very glad when he gets it all sussed and underway so I can have my study back!
He and Anson have also been helping Graham with some sawmilling and gathering up firewood form the off cuts.

Anson is home now.
Shearing season has finished for now.
He has moved around to The Croft and set up residence there.
Johanna spent quite a lot of time helping him move furniture etc and when she wasn’t doing that she was helping Azzan.
Anson’s going to be taking a much greater role in the farm now which Tim & I are very happy about.

Thursday I woke to rain.
By the time we left at 6am it had thankfully eased considerably.
The road was not at all slippery or dusty but it was VERY foggy for the first part of the trip.
We stopped for the kids to get their breakfast at The Brick Oven in Rai Valley.
Can’t break tradition.
Johanna couldn’t handle the kids eating sausage rolls and meat pies for breakfast.
We were ribbing her about not being a true German.
She replied that she was French for breakfast and German for the other meals.
Our older children are fans of Danny Bhoy and he has a very funny skit about breakfasts for various nationalities.
French eating light and flakey croissants and then retiring back to bed in exhaustion and Germans with their eyes barely open demanding a vital organ!!!

By the time we got to Nelson the skies were clear and it was already 20’C warning us of a hot day ahead.
We dropped Johanna off at the backpackers where Glen was staying as he was taking her out to Kaitereteri where she and her friend were going to walk the Able Tasman track.
I took some goodbye pics.
Azzan wasn’t very thrilled at being told to get out of the Safari.
Shanni was apparently tired

Whereas Mahalia was very bubbly and cuddly and wouldn’t let Johanna go.

Then we zipped out to music.
Mahalia was delighted cuz Kashana had come to the lessons with Nick so the two girls disappeared off into the back playroom and played happily while the others had their lessons.
I was able to do a few jobs before going back to pick up the 3 youngest.
We kidnapped Kashana as her Mum was busy preparing for a funeral.
Got them lunch and left them at Marianne’s so Shanni could do some more cycle mechanics.
The younger children played with Aryal and James.
I went off to Cafe on Oxford and had lunch with Ainsley.
It was nice to get an hour to myself in amongst the busyness of childrens activities.

Then it was back to pick them up, get Nathan from Kip McGrath.
Into town for gymnastics.
We were early as usual so the children got half an hour extra to rampage around the hall.

I dropped the children off at dancing and clarinet then Nathan & I went shopping for a timer.
I found one in Briscoes.
I got it so the children would know how long they were doing their piano practise for.
I have also made them a daily practising schedule as incentive to get some diligence and regularity from them.
I had had a wee whisper in Nicks ear before piano and gave him permission to roast any of the children who had apparently not been practising enough.
Which he did – thanks Nick!!
So now we are being proactive about encouraging self motivation.

I had an appoinment with a new massage therapist who has rooms in the same place as the chiropractor I have been seeing.
I had a half hour session with him.
He does integrated massage therapy and boyworks.
He was fantastic.
I came out of there feeling so good.
He worked hard on my shoulder and arm.
As they often work together I am going to now go to both him and the chiro to see if between them they can get me free of this pain.

Nathan met the  children after their lessons, got them bbq sausages as they walked past Countdown and then walked them to the Info centre to meet me where we were also meeting our next wwoofer,
Manja from Germany.
We loaded her bags on board.
Grabbed some food from the supermarket to eat as we travelled.
We were outa town before 6pm which was fantastic.
Don’t think we have left that early in a long while.

We stopped at Okiwi Bay so the children could run around the playground for a while but the sandflies were so bad we were soon in a hurry to leave.
We had lots of photo stops for Manja.
Chatted with Syth on the side of the road.
Popped into visit Anson briefly and give him some sales pamphlets I had picked up.
He is planning a trip to town on Sunday to stock up his new home with bits and pieces he is lacking.
Got home just on dark.

Today has been pretty cruisy.
Anson, Tim and Manja went cattle mustering so they could get the calves in for marking.
The Sky guy arrived at 10am to get Anson’s Sky connection up and running.
Manja helped the children clean away more of the bedroom clutter.
Then after lunch they all went swimming and I went to bed.
I slet till 5pm.
Woke very groggily and was pleased to have Nathan take over cooking the dinner for me.

Tonight I watched ‘The Secret Life of Bees.’
Tim went around to watch the rugby with Anson.
He reckoned Anson was all lonely up there by himself




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